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Wraith — A responsive screenshot comparison tool
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Wraith is a screenshot comparison tool, created by developers at BBC News.

What is it?

Wraith uses either PhantomJS or SlimerJS to create screenshots of different environments and then creates a diff of the two images, the affected areas are highlighted in blue

Photo of BBC News with a


You'll need either PhantomJS or SlimerJS, ImageMagick & Ruby 1.9.3 or greater. It's up to you to decide which browser engine you want to run it against.

On Mac OS X, the install script will install PhantomJS & ImageMagick for you, assuming you have homebrew installed, otherwise it'll tell you to install them.


curl -fsSL | bash


All config will be placed in config.yml. You can specify domains, paths, screen widths & HTTP headers.

# Add only 2 domains, key will act as a label
  uk: ""
  france: ""

#Type screen widths below, here are a couple of examples
  - 320
  - 600
  - 768
  - 1024
  - 1280

#Type page URL paths below, here are a couple of examples
  search_page: /imghp
  map_page: /maps

Using Wraith



After each screenshot is captured, the compare task will run, this will output a diff.png and a data.txt. The data.txt for each file will show the number of pixels that have changed. There is a main data.txt which is in Wraiths root that will combine all of these values to easier view all the pixel changes.


If you want to add functionality to this project, pull requests are welcome.

  • Create a branch based off master and do all of your changes with in it.
  • If it you have to pause to add a 'and' anywhere in the title, it should be two pull requests.
  • Make commits of logical units and describe them properly
  • Check for unnecessary whitespace with git diff --check before committing.
  • If possible, submit tests to your patch / new feature so it can be tested easily.
  • Assure nothing is broken by running all the test
  • Please ensure that it complies with coding standards.

Please raise any issues with this project as a GitHub issue.


Wraith is available to everyone under the terms of the MIT open source licence. Take a look at the LICENSE file in the code.


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