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Wireless Keyboard Testing for Batteroo Batterisers
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Wireless Keyboard Testing for Batteroo Batterisers

It's quick and dirty right now!


  • Focus on Linux version for use with Raspberry Pi


  • Windows 0.1 binary released:
  • Linux version now captures start time and time of last keystroke
  • Linux version - space bar gives progress report without updating last keystroke time or counting a keystroke (useful when you switch batteries with fresh ones - just press space bar to to report without updating the last keystroke time)



For everyday users, download the binary. Just unzip and extract, and double click "tester.exe"

For developers, to make life easier, use python 2.7 - 32 bit edition

Install pyhook for python 2.7 32 bit from or

Python extensions for windows

It still complained, so I also ran: pip install pypiwin32


Requires Python and Xlib

Download both files, put in same directory, from a terminal run: python

Written for Python 2.7


I don't have a Mac. I have access to one now and then, so I can whip up something quick. But hard to maintain.

Help is welcome!

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