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{-# LANGUAGE ViewPatterns #-}
module Evaluator.Renaming where
import Evaluator.Syntax
import Renaming
import Utilities
import Data.List
renameIn :: (IdSupply -> Renaming -> a -> a) -> IdSupply -> In a -> a
renameIn f ids (rn, x) = f ids rn x
renameInRenaming :: Renaming -> In a -> In a
renameInRenaming rn_by (rn, x) = (renameRenaming rn_by rn, x)
renameInVar :: Renaming -> InVar -> InVar
renameInVar rn in_x = InVar (invar in_x) (safeRename "renameInVar" rn (outvar in_x))
renameInVarBinder :: IdSupply -> Renaming -> InVar -> (IdSupply, Renaming, InVar)
renameInVarBinder ids rn in_x = (ids', rn', InVar (invar in_x) outvar')
where (ids', rn', outvar') = renameBinder ids rn (outvar in_x)
renameInVarBinders :: IdSupply -> Renaming -> [InVar] -> (IdSupply, Renaming, [InVar])
renameInVarBinders ids rn xs = reassociate $ mapAccumL ((associate .) . uncurry renameInVarBinder) (ids, rn) xs
where associate (ids, rn, x) = ((ids, rn), x)
reassociate ((ids, rn), xs) = (ids, rn, xs)
renameQARenaming :: Renaming -> QA -> QA -- TODO: refactor QA as (In QA) and hence avoid this function?
renameQARenaming rn (Question in_x) = Question (renameInVar rn in_x)
renameQARenaming rn (Answer in_v) = Answer (renameInRenaming rn in_v)
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