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module Evaluator.Syntax where
import Core.Syntax
import Renaming
import Utilities
import Data.Function
type In a = (Renaming, a)
type Out a = a
-- | Special representation of (In Var) so we can use it as a key in a Map.
-- TODO: we don't actually compare by the invar (this is necessary because e.g. several
-- different invars could be renamed to the same outvar, and we want the evaluator to
-- be able to inline the corresponding bind!) so we could probably move the invar elsewhere.
data InVar = InVar { invar :: Var, outvar :: Out Var }
instance Eq InVar where
(==) = (==) `on` outvar
instance Ord InVar where
compare = compare `on` outvar
mkInVar :: Renaming -> Var -> InVar
mkInVar = curry toInVar
toInVar :: In Var -> InVar
toInVar (rn, x) = InVar x (safeRename "toInVar" rn x)
fromInVar :: InVar -> In Var
fromInVar (InVar x x') = (insertRenaming x x' emptyRenaming, x)
data Event = Push EvaluationContextFrame
| Allocate [(InVar, In Term)]
data QA = Question InVar
| Answer (In Value)
type Chain = Train Event (IdSupply, QA)
data EvaluationContextFrame = Apply InVar
| Scrutinise (In [Alt])
| PrimApply PrimOp [In Value] [InVar]
| Update InVar