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{-# LANGUAGE PatternGuards, ViewPatterns, DeriveDataTypeable #-}
module Evaluate where
import Renaming
import Syntax
import Utilities
import Data.Data
import Data.List
data RecFlag = Rec | NonRec
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
data HeapGroup = HeapGroup RecFlag [(Out Var, PureRenaming, In Value)]
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
type Heap = [HeapGroup]
type EvaluationContext = [EvaluationContextFrame]
type InnerEvaluationContext = EvaluationContext
data EvaluationContextFrame = ValueConsumerFrame ValueConsumer
| HeapBindFrame HeapGroup
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
data ValueConsumer = AppliedTo PureRenaming (In Term)
| PrimOpArgument PrimOp [Out Value]
| Scrutinise PureRenaming [(AltCon, In Term)]
| LetBind PureRenaming (In Var) (In Term)
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
data Result = Answer Heap Renaming (In Value)
| Force InnerEvaluationContext InScopeSet (Out Var)
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
data Step = Eval EvaluationContext Renaming (In Term)
| RebuildEvaluationContext EvaluationContext Result
| Done Result
deriving (Show, Typeable, Data)
resultInScopeSet :: Result -> InScopeSet
resultInScopeSet (Answer _ rn _) = inScopeSet rn
resultInScopeSet (Force _ iss _) = iss
instance Pretty Step where
pPrintPrec level prec s = case s of
Eval k rn e -> pPrintPrecEvaluationContext level prec (inScopeSet rn) k (\level prec -> pPrintFocused "focused" level prec (renameTerm rn e))
RebuildEvaluationContext k a -> pPrintPrecEvaluationContext level prec (resultInScopeSet a) k (\level prec -> pPrintFocused "cofocused" level prec a)
Done a -> pPrintPrec level prec a
instance Pretty Result where
pPrintPrec level prec (Answer heap rn v) = pPrintPrecHeap level prec (inScopeSet rn) heap (\level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec (renameValue rn v))
pPrintPrec level prec (Force k_i iss x') = pPrintPrecEvaluationContext level prec iss (reverse k_i) (\level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec x')
pPrintFocused :: Pretty a => String -> PrettyLevel -> Rational -> a -> Doc
pPrintFocused style level prec x = zeroWidthText ("<span class=\"" ++ style ++ "\">") <> pPrintPrec level prec x <> zeroWidthText "</span>"
pPrintPrecHeap :: PrettyLevel -> Rational -> InScopeSet -> Heap -> (PrettyLevel -> Rational -> Doc) -> Doc
pPrintPrecHeap level prec iss heap inside = pPrintPrecLetRec level prec [(x', renameValue (joinRenaming rnv iss) v) | (x', rnv, v) <- flattenHeap heap] inside
pPrintPrecEvaluationContext :: PrettyLevel -> Rational -> InScopeSet -> EvaluationContext
-> (PrettyLevel -> Rational -> Doc) -> Doc
pPrintPrecEvaluationContext level prec iss k inside = case k of
[] -> inside level prec
(kf:k) -> pPrintPrecEvaluationContext level prec iss k (\level prec -> pPrintPrecEvaluationContextFrame level prec iss kf inside)
pPrintPrecEvaluationContextFrame :: PrettyLevel -> Rational -> InScopeSet -> EvaluationContextFrame
-> (PrettyLevel -> Rational -> Doc) -> Doc
pPrintPrecEvaluationContextFrame level prec iss kf inside = case kf of
ValueConsumerFrame vc -> case vc of
AppliedTo rn e -> pPrintPrecApp level prec inside (\level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec (renameTerm (joinRenaming rn iss) e))
PrimOpArgument pop vs -> pPrintPrecApp level prec (\level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec (Value (PrimOp pop vs))) inside
Scrutinise rn alts -> pPrintPrecCase level prec inside (map (renameAlt (joinRenaming rn iss)) alts)
LetBind rn x e -> pPrintPrecLet level prec x inside (\level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec (renameTerm (insertRenaming x x $ joinRenaming rn iss) e))
HeapBindFrame (HeapGroup rf xrnvs) -> case rf of NonRec -> pPrintPrecLets level prec (map (second (\v level prec -> pPrintPrec level prec v)) xvs') inside
Rec -> pPrintPrecLetRec level prec xvs' inside
where xvs' = [(x', renameValue (joinRenaming rn iss) v) | (x', rn, v) <- xrnvs]
flattenHeap :: Heap -> [(Out Var, PureRenaming, In Value)]
flattenHeap = concatMap flattenHeapGroup
flattenHeapGroup :: HeapGroup -> [(Out Var, PureRenaming, In Value)]
flattenHeapGroup (HeapGroup _ xrnvs) = xrnvs
eval, eval' :: EvaluationContext -> Renaming -> In Term -> Step
eval = Eval
eval' k rn e = case e of
Var x -> rebuildEvaluationContext k $ Force [] (inScopeSet rn) (rename rn x)
Value v -> rebuildEvaluationContext k $ Answer [] rn v
App e1 e2 -> eval (ValueConsumerFrame (AppliedTo (pureRenaming rn) e2) : k) rn e1
LetRec (unzip -> (xs, vs)) e -> eval (HeapBindFrame (HeapGroup Rec (zip3 xs' (repeat (pureRenaming rn')) vs)) : k) rn' e
where (rn', xs') = renameBinders rn xs
Let x e1 e2 -> eval (ValueConsumerFrame (LetBind (pureRenaming rn) x e2) : k) rn e1
Case e alts -> eval (ValueConsumerFrame (Scrutinise (pureRenaming rn) alts) : k) rn e
rebuildEvaluationContext :: EvaluationContext -> Result -> Step
rebuildEvaluationContext = RebuildEvaluationContext
rebuildEvaluationContext' [] r = Done r
rebuildEvaluationContext' (ValueConsumerFrame vc:k) r = force vc r k
rebuildEvaluationContext' (HeapBindFrame hg:k) r = binds hg k r
force :: ValueConsumer -> Result -> EvaluationContext -> Step
force vc (Answer heap rn_v v) k = rebuildValueConsumer rn_v v vc $ map HeapBindFrame heap ++ k
force vc (Force k_i iss x') k = rebuildEvaluationContext k $ Force (ValueConsumerFrame vc : k_i) iss x'
binds :: HeapGroup -> EvaluationContext -> Result -> Step
binds hg k (Answer heap rn_v v) = rebuildEvaluationContext k (Answer (hg : heap) rn_v v)
binds hg k (Force k_i iss x')
| Just (_, rn_v, v) <- find (\(y', _, _) -> y' == x') (flattenHeapGroup hg) = rebuildEvaluationContext (reverse k_i ++ HeapBindFrame hg : k) (Answer [] (joinRenaming rn_v iss) v)
| otherwise = rebuildEvaluationContext k (Force (HeapBindFrame hg : k_i) iss x')
rebuildValueConsumer :: Renaming -> In Value -> In ValueConsumer -> EvaluationContext -> Step
rebuildValueConsumer rnv v vc k = case vc of
AppliedTo rnvc e2
| PrimOp pop vs <- v -> eval (ValueConsumerFrame (PrimOpArgument pop vs) : k) (joinRenaming rnvc (inScopeSet rnv)) e2
| Lambda x e1b <- v -> case e2 of Var y -> eval k (insertRenaming x (pureRename rnvc y) rnv) e1b -- Cheeky hack to head off excessive value duplication
_ -> eval (ValueConsumerFrame (LetBind (pureRenaming rnv) x e1b) : k) (joinRenaming rnvc (inScopeSet rnv)) e2
PrimOpArgument pop vs -> rebuildEvaluationContext k $ Answer [] (mkRenaming (inScopeSet rnv)) (primop pop vs (renameValue rnv v))
Scrutinise rnvc alts
| Literal l <- v -> head [eval k (joinRenaming rnvc (inScopeSet rnv)) e | (LiteralAlt l', e) <- alts, l' == l]
| Data dc xs <- v -> head [eval k (insertRenamings (xs' `zip` map (rename rnv) xs) (joinRenaming rnvc (inScopeSet rnv))) e | (DataAlt dc' xs', e) <- alts, dc' == dc]
LetBind rnvc x e -> eval (HeapBindFrame (HeapGroup NonRec [(x', pureRenaming rnv, v)]) : k) rnv' e
where (rnv', x') = renameBinder (joinRenaming rnvc (inScopeSet rnv)) x
primop :: PrimOp -> [Out Value] -> Out Value -> Out Value
primop Add [Literal i1] (Literal i2) = Literal (i1 + i2)
primop Subtract [Literal i1] (Literal i2) = Literal (i1 - i2)
primop pop vs v = PrimOp pop (vs ++ [v])