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Edit Distance Algorithms

You can help improve this README with extra snippets and advice by using the GitHub wiki.


To just install the library:

runghc Setup.lhs configure
runghc Setup.lhs build
sudo runghc Setup.lhs install

If you want to build the tests, to check it’s all working:

runghc Setup.lhs configure -ftests
runghc Setup.lhs build


Edit distances algorithms for fuzzy matching. Specifically, this library provides:

They have been fairly heavily optimized. Indeed, for situations where one of the strings is under 64 characters long I use a rather neat “bit vector” algorithm: see the authors paper and the associated errata for more information. The algorithms could be faster, but they aren’t yet slow enough to force me into improving the situation.


Text.EditDistance> levenshteinDistance defaultEditCosts "witch" "kitsch"