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A dependency-free C interface to the Mozilla Universal Character Set Detector
C++ C
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Universal Character Set Detector (UCSD)

A library exposing a C interface and dependency-free interface to the Mozilla C++ UCSD library.

Pulls together:

  • A NSPR emulation library (see nspr-emu/
  • Code written by Colin Snover to provide a command line interface to the library
  • The UCSD library itself from the Mozilla seamonkey source tree

API documentation

The library provides an opaque type of character set detectors:

typedef void* csd_t;

The first thing a client should do is create one of these:

csd_t csd_open(void);

A csd_t created in this fashion must be freed by csd_close. If creation fails, csd_open returns (csd_t)-1.

Now you need to feed some data to the detector:

int csd_consider(csd_t csd, const char *data, int length);

The meaning of the return code is as follows:

  • Returns 0 if more data is needed to come to a conclusion
  • Returns a positive number if enough data has been received to detect the character set
  • Returns a negative number if there is an error

Finally, close the detector to find out what the character set is:

const char *csd_close(csd_t csd);

The detected character set name is returned as an ASCII string. This function returns NULL if detection failed because there was not enough data. It is safe to call csd_close at any point from creation by csd_open to the first call of csd_close on that character set detector.


The files libcharsetdetect.{cpp,h} are (c) 2010 Colin Snover and released under an MIT license.

The UCSD is (c) and tri-licensed under MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1.

We incorporate header files from the NSPR emulation library, which is LGPL licensed.

Thus the resulting artifact is LGPL licensed (I think).

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