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Add MonadPeelIO (Act n) instance

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commit 9cb04445c782ef78cfc023136236c0bee4ec52cd 1 parent 1ce20c4
@batterseapower authored
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  1. +7 −0 Development/Shake/Core.hs
7 Development/Shake/Core.hs
@@ -327,6 +327,13 @@ instance Monad (Act n) where
instance MonadIO (Act n) where
liftIO io = Act (liftIO io)
+instance MonadPeelIO (Act n) where
+ -- Thanks to Anders Kaseorg for this definition (I added a bit of NoLint wrapping to work around the LintNamespace constraint)
+ peelIO = toAct (liftM (\k (Act mx) -> liftM toAct (k mx)) peelIO)
+ where
+ toAct :: Reader.ReaderT (ActEnv n) (State.StateT (ActState n) (NoLint n)) a -> Act n a
+ toAct mx = Act (Reader.mapReaderT (State.mapStateT (liftIO . unNoLint)) mx)
runAct :: (MonadLint m, LintNamespace m ~ n) => ActEnv n -> ActState n -> Act n a -> m (a, ActState n)
runAct e s mx = State.runStateT (Reader.runReaderT (unAct mx) e) s
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