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h1. Welcome!
Thanks for downloading the Pinyin Toolkit!
Please see our Wiki for all the documentation:
If you get stuck, email us:
If you would prefer to report a bug using the bug tracker, you can do so here:
h1. Changelog
h2. Version 0.7.0 (24/02/2010) [NOT YET RELEASED]
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* The field filling logic has been completely revamped. What this means for you is that:
** The Toolkit will now *never* overwrite your changes to a field it generated
** Generated fields will be automatically updated to be consistent. For example, if you correct the reading
field of a fact by typing in the correct one, the audio field will be updated to match
* New feature: integrated and improved the Hanzi Statistics plugin
* New feature: the Toolkit comes with a set of GPL licensed sounds included. We are using
the "GradInt": Yali Cheng sound set.
* The Toolkit is more eager to reuse audio that is already in your media folder, so your deck file size
should grow more slowly
* You can now entirely blank out a fact from within the fact editor using Ctrl+Alt+b
* Many minor bug fixes and improvements!
h2. Version 0.6.3 (22/11/2009)
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* The Toolkit should now work on the latest Anki snapshot (fixes the 'sgmllib' error)
h2. Version 0.6.2 (20/11/2009)
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Fix packaging error in the 0.6.1 release (cjklib was not included). Version 0.6.1 contained the following fixes:
** Improvements to the parser for Google Translate. This should fix the crashes people are seeing
** Make field detection case-insensitive
h2. Version 0.6.1 (19/11/2009)
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Improvements to the parser for Google Translate. This should fix the crashes people are seeing
* Make field detection case-insensitive
h2. Version 0.6 (13/09/2009)
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Big performance and memory-usage improvements
** This was obtained by moving to a sqlite based backend using "cjklib":
* Automatic reformatting of text in the "Reading" field to match your color and tone-indication preferences
* Automatic introduction of audio corresponding to Pinyin entered in the "Audio" field
* Generation of decent readings for Western numbers, decimals. dates, percentages and fractions
* Generation of decent meanings for Chinese numbers, decimals. dates, percentages and fractions
* Automatic filling of 'Traditional' and 'Simplified' fields on facts with the appropriate characters
* Audio generation for a noun's measure words (using a random quantity or 几) in a field called something like "MW Audio"
* Meaning emphasis: you can make all but the first meaning from the dictionary small automatically
* Can now guess field purpose from a wider variety of field names
* In the meaning field, mask the pinyin from CEDICT that appears when a character is a common surname
* Lots of bug fixes, notably to:
** Ubuntu support
** Tone sandhi
** The configuration dialog
** ... and lots more small issues
h2. Version 0.05 (05/06/2009)
| Max Bolingbroke | "Email" | "Website": |
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Large-scale re-write and optimisation of the code by Max Bolingbroke (many thanks!)
* ported KanjiGraph to Hanzigraph
* Automatic translation of non-dictionary words & phrase (can be used for almost any language)
* Add limited support for new CFDICT (French)
* All distributions will now include all dictionaries for simplicity. Unwanted dictionaries can be deleted.
* MW with pinyin added automatically to your deck if in dictionary (if enabled) only applies to English version
* Dictionary definition and measure word have their simplified/traditional variant selected according
to user preferences
* Don't generate audio tags if sounds are missing
* Use a fifth tone audio sample if one is provided, otherwise switch to 4th tone
* Try several file extensions when we need a bit of audio, using the order: .mp3, .ogg, .wav
* Optional entry-number indicators in translations such as "(1)" "(2)" "(3)"
* Internal refactoring of code to remove the incidence of unreliable string manipulations, leading to bugfixes:
** Remove space at the end of colored pinyin
** Remove spaces between punctuation in pinyin
** Remove the space between erhua "r" suffix and main word in pinyin
** Prevent loss of punctuation when colorizing hanzi
* Erhua and third tone sandhi now handled properly
* Line-index support and separator support added for dictionary lookup
* Squash bug that means character colorisation to fail if audio generation off
* Pinyin is recognised and colored anywhere in the text
* Support for numbers has been greatly improved
* Added code testsuite
* Preferences window now used for config
* Many smaller modifications to improve usability
* Improved documentation & launch of website
h2. Version 0.04 (19/05/2009)
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Two versions are now being distributed: English (using CC-CEDICT) and German (using HanDeDict)
** Thanks to Rainer Menes for suggesting use of HanDeDict
* New character colorization feature
** If enabled, colored hanzi will be generated and placed in a field called "Color"
** to get the benefit of this you should alter models in a way to make use of colored Hanzi
* Fix to give better handle the formatting of dictionary entries
** Customisable dictionary meaning separator (defaults to line break)
* More reliable sound tag generation
* Automatic blanking feature if hanzi field is emptied and de-focused (makes input faster)
** Audio field is ignored if longer than 40 characters (i.e. if Anki has improved or recorded audio) [a better way to do this is in the works]
* Strip html from expression field before doing anything (prevents formating bugs)
* Several minor fixes and improvements to general usage
* Assigned version numbers retroactively to v0.01 to v0.03
h2. Version 0.03 (12/05/2009)
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Simplified and traditional generation now happens each lookup (no need to chose one or the other)
* Automatic English generation from dictionary
** English will only be generated for exact matches (words) not phrases
* Automatic colorization of pinyin by tone
* Text-to-speech feature (automatic auto generation)
* Support for turning off new features
* Tidy code (remove unused & rationalise messy bits)
* Update dictionary to latest CC-CEDICT
** Fix bug from 谁 [actually bug is no longer relevant under new directory structure]
** Fix problems with pinyin generation of "v"/"u:"
* Rearrange to more logical filenames ( etc)
* Change dictionary structure for better management, easier updates, and to allow new features
** Split dictionary into 3 parts (CC-CEDICT, supplementary, and user) [entries prioritised from latter to former]
** Supplementary dictionary contains previously hard-coded entries and new data such as numbers
h2. Version 0.02.5 (21/03/2009)
| Nick Cook | "Email" | "Website": |
* Dictionary updated to use adapted version of CC-CEDICT
* Entries increasing from 44,783 to 82,941
h2. Version 0.02 (03/2009)
| Damien Elmes | | "Website": |
* Ported to Anki and tidied up
* Brian Vaughan no longer maintaing plugin
h2. Version 0.01 (2008)
| Brian Vaughan | | "Website": |
* Original release