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# Find the list of files only in $FROM
diff -rq --exclude=_darcs $FROM $TO | grep "^Only in $FROM" | sed "s/^Only in //" | sed "s/: /\//" | sed "s/^$FROM\///" > files_only_in_from.txt
# r: Recurse
# q: Just show whether files differ
# Sync $FROM into $TO without messing with the revision control state. This will
# handle updating files that have /changed/ in $FROM, deleting those that have
# been /deleted/ in $FROM (automatically telling Darcs to delete them) and adds
# the files that were /added/ in $FROM, though we need to tell Darcs about those
# manually: this is why we built a list of files only in $FROM up earlier
rsync -az --exclude=_darcs --delete $FROM/ $TO
# a: Use archive mode (preserve permissions, links etc) - what the hell
# r: Recurse
# --delete: Remove things that aren't in $FROM
# Add the files that were only in $FROM to the repo maintained in $TO
cat files_only_in_from.txt | (cd $TO; xargs -I __loc__ darcs add $TO_ABS/__loc__)
rm files_only_in_from.txt
# Let the user commit the final patch containing all the changes
(cd $TO; darcs record --all)