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Miscellaneous scripts shared between my computers
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.gitignore Initial commit
amacs Initial commit
cabal-inplace Update cabal-inplace for modern GHC Initial commit Initial commit
chelmer-tunnel Add chelmer-tunnel Initial commit Initial commit Initial commit Initial commit
darcs-clone Add darcs-clone
darcs-flatten Initial commit
darcs-rewrite Add darcs-rewrite script for fixing manually cloned Darcs repos
darcs-send darcs-send script to supply darcs-sendmail as an argument to darcs
darcs-sendmail Add a sendmail like script for Darcs
diffmerge Ensure diffmerge starts in the background
diffmerge-git-wrapper Initial commit
diffmerge-series Fix diffmerge-series for directories containing spaces
dsl-mp3-rename Script for dealing with renaming MP3s based on DSL file
ec2-proxy Experimental scripts for EC2
ec2-socks-proxy Experimental scripts for EC2
ec2-tunnel Experimental scripts for EC2 Initial commit
find-copy-to-dir Add mysterious find-copy-to-dir script
find-copy-to-dir-one Add mysterious find-copy-to-dir script
ghc-612-setup Add hack scripts for GHC 6.12
ghc-clean-testsuite Initial commit
ghc-compare Initial commit
ghc-dump-split Allow matching to detect Float Out boundaries
ghc-inplace-setup Script to create links to ghc-pkg in a directory containing inplace GHC
ghc-libraries-rebuild New library rebuilding script
ghc-nofib-compare Move old ghc-nofib-compare and add a spiffy new one for quick compari…
ghc-nofib-dump Handle case where we run nofib-dump in nofib root directory
ghc-nofib-dump-old Complete new version of nofib dump script
ghc-nofib-sat-compare Move old ghc-nofib-compare and add a spiffy new one for quick compari…
ghc-rebuild Remove nonsensical STAGE stuff from ghc-rebuild
git-find-keyword git-find-keywpord
git-fix-remote-branch Add a script for setting the preferred remote branch
git-publish-branch Initial commit
github-init-pages-branch Convenience script for building gh_pages brancH
harmonic-mean Program for computing harmonic means
histogram Three new scripts for working with supercompilation output
knees Update knees and markcolumns for new output
lapwing-authenticate Lapwing authentication automation
lined-paper Lined-paper script for generating grids for the Graded Chinese Reader 1
markcolumns Update knees and markcolumns for new output
mount-equinox-at-lab Add equinox mounting scripts
mount-equinox-via-chelmer Add equinox mounting scripts
mp32ogg Add mp32ogg
my-cabal-depends Add dependency finding script
my-cabal-install Compile setup scripts in my-cabal-install
nfc Add NFC normalization utility
ogg2mp3 ogg2mp3
plainbbl Widget for formatting bbl as plain text for the Sheridan ACM requirem…
pyqt4-clean Add script to clean up after PyQt4 when deactivating
renameanime.hs Initial commit
skim Suppress crap Skim writes to the console
start-ssh-agent Add start-ssh-agent
startup Only start ghc builder on Perihelion
summarise Derive averages and ranges of columns of numbers
tabful-haskell tabful-haskell script
wake-equinox Add script to wake up my computer over the internet
whitespace-align Align columns of text using spaces according to ampersands
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