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module Evaluator.FreeVars (
pureHeapFreeVars, pureHeapOpenFreeVars,
stackFreeVars, stackFrameFreeVars,
) where
import Evaluator.Syntax
import Core.FreeVars
import Core.Renaming
import Renaming
import Utilities
import qualified Data.Map as M
import qualified Data.Set as S
renamingFreeVars :: Renaming -> FreeVars -> FreeVars
renamingFreeVars rn fvs = (rename rn) fvs
inFreeVars :: (a -> FreeVars) -> In a -> FreeVars
inFreeVars thing_fvs (rn, thing) = renamingFreeVars rn (thing_fvs thing)
pureHeapFreeVars :: PureHeap -> (BoundVars, FreeVars) -> FreeVars
pureHeapFreeVars h (bvs, fvs) = fvs' S.\\ bvs'
where (bvs', fvs') = pureHeapOpenFreeVars h (bvs, fvs)
pureHeapOpenFreeVars :: PureHeap -> (BoundVars, FreeVars) -> (BoundVars, FreeVars)
pureHeapOpenFreeVars = flip $ M.foldWithKey (\x' in_e (bvs, fvs) -> (S.insert x' bvs, fvs `S.union` inFreeVars taggedTermFreeVars in_e))
stackFreeVars :: Stack -> FreeVars -> (BoundVars, FreeVars)
stackFreeVars k fvs = (S.unions *** (S.union fvs . S.unions)) . unzip . map (stackFrameFreeVars . tagee) $ k
stackFrameFreeVars :: StackFrame -> (BoundVars, FreeVars)
stackFrameFreeVars kf = case kf of
Apply x' -> (S.empty, S.singleton x')
Scrutinise in_alts -> (S.empty, inFreeVars taggedAltsFreeVars in_alts)
PrimApply _ in_vs in_es -> (S.empty, S.unions (map (inFreeVars taggedValueFreeVars) in_vs) `S.union` S.unions (map (inFreeVars taggedTermFreeVars) in_es))
Update x' -> (S.singleton x', S.empty)
stateFreeVars :: State -> FreeVars
stateFreeVars (Heap h _, k, in_e) = pureHeapFreeVars h (stackFreeVars k (inFreeVars taggedTermFreeVars in_e))
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