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module Evaluator.Syntax where
import Core.Renaming
import Core.Syntax
import Utilities
import qualified Data.Map as M
type State = (Heap, Stack, In TaggedTerm)
type PureHeap = M.Map (Out Var) (In TaggedTerm)
data Heap = Heap PureHeap IdSupply
deriving (Show)
type Stack = [Tagged StackFrame]
data StackFrame = Apply (Out Var)
| Scrutinise (In [TaggedAlt])
| PrimApply PrimOp [In TaggedValue] [In TaggedTerm]
| Update (Out Var)
deriving (Show)
instance Pretty StackFrame where
pPrintPrec level prec kf = case kf of
Apply x' -> pPrintPrecApp level prec (text "[_]") x'
Scrutinise in_alts -> pPrintPrecCase level prec (text "[_]") (renameIn renameTaggedAlts prettyIdSupply in_alts)
PrimApply pop in_vs in_es -> pPrintPrecPrimOp level prec pop (map SomePretty in_vs ++ map SomePretty in_es)
Update x' -> pPrintPrecApp level prec (text "update") x'
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