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1 parent 7c81667 commit 5bf3be0d85ed8f5a87caff804f788247653e3730 @batterseapower committed
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3 Supercompile/Split.hs
@@ -352,7 +352,8 @@ splitPureHeap h was_entered_many entered_k = -- traceRender ("splitPureHeap", (r
h_inlineable = h_value `M.union` h_nonvalue_inlineable
--- TODO: replace with a genuine evaluator
+-- TODO: replace with a genuine evaluator. However, think VERY hard about the termination implications of this!
+-- I think we can only do it when the splitter is being invoked by a non-whistling invocation of sc.
cheapifyHeap :: Heap -> Heap
cheapifyHeap (Heap h (splitIdSupply -> (ids, ids'))) = Heap (M.fromList floats `M.union` h') ids'

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