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1 parent 9dccd5c commit bdb1c5bffd3924a614bc87b66b1af0843b12dcbe @batterseapower committed Jul 8, 2010
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@@ -346,6 +346,9 @@ splitPureHeap h was_entered_many entered_k = -- traceRender ("splitPureHeap", (r
-- in at least one place and furthermore are both expensive and may be used more than once. The free variables of those bindings
-- are exactly what we need to feed to splitStack on the next iteration to ensure that things referred to by them
-- but bound in the evaluation context are bound right here.
+ --
+ -- FIXME: must include the FVs of elements of h_inlineable that were not inlined into QA/Stack contexts due to generalisation.
+ -- FIXME: surely should also contain FVs of h_value bindings reachable via h_nonvalue_noninlineable FVs?
must_resid_k_xs' = S.unions $ map (inFreeVars taggedTermFreeVars) (M.elems h_nonvalue_noninlineable)
-- Construct the final environment that is safe for inlining

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