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Battlecode 2018 Build StatusCoverage

Everything you need to run Battlecode 2018, aside from thousands of hours of spare time and a reasonable amount of cash.


  • battlecode-engine: The core engine component.
  • battlecode-manager: What runs matches, either as a CLI or in the cloud
  • bindings: An elegant monstrosity, more details in /bindings/
  • battlecode-sandbox: The environment in which player code is executed.
  • battlecode-maps: Map files for battlecode 2018
  • examplefuncsplayer-*: examplefuncsplayers.
  • examplefuncsplayer-*-old: examplefuncsplayers from initial release; kept around so we can monitor backwards compatibility.
  • all the junk in this folder: it's necessary, I promise


You'll need:

  • Rust and cargo 1.22.0
  • Java 8
  • SWIG 3.0
  • docker
  • python 3
    • cffi
    • eel
    • tqdm
    • werkzeug
    • ujson
    • psutil
    • docker
    • boto3
  • gcc

To build the engine and bindings, run make. (You should also run make clean as a first step if you get strange errors.) You can then run ./ (or to run without docker. You can also use make release to build in release mode (slower build, faster execution).

On windows, use build.bat, build-release.bat, and start_nodocker.bat / battlecode.bat. You'll need the same dependencies, but Visual Studio CE 2017 instead of gcc.


Clone the bc18-scaffold repo into this repo. On windows, run build-release.bat, copy-artifacts.bat, then cd into bc18-scaffold, create a new branch with the name of the release, commit the new binaries (lol) and push it. On mac os x, edit with the name of the release, run ./, and follow the instructions.