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Official Battlecode game client, 2D and 3D versions

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Battlecode Client


NOTE: If you are a competitor, you can download the installer that does all these steps for you. See

!!! Now that the 3D viewer is up and running, you'll need a couple more jars, specifically:
- jogl.all.jar
- gluegen-rt.jar

All of these jars can be found on

You have to build the server before the client. This process builds both. You need an existing battlecode distribution for the updated jogl.jar file, and everything else.

1. cd into your workspace
2. git clone
3. cd battlecode-server
4. mkdir -p ~/.ant/lib
5. ant download-ivy
6. ant retrieve
7. ant jar
8. cp battlecode-server.jar battlecode_distro/
9. cd ..
10. git clone
11. ant retrieve
12. cp ../battlecode-server/battlecode-server.jar lib/
13. cp battlecode_distro/jogl.jar lib/
14. ant jar
15. cp battlecode-client.jar battlecode_distro/

Enjoy your new build!

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