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What is this ?

With the release of battlefield 2042, ripple effect studio, added the ability to make custom game modes called "experiences", currently there is no way to share a game mode outside of the game, this project aims to fill that gap.


Head over to, and try it out


  • User system (Discord login for integration with portal community discord server)
  • Auto Fill API for forms
  • Pagination and website wide search

How it works

It is pretty straight forward

  • You use your discord account to make a new account on the website and submit your experiences.
  • On the submission page if u choose to share the playground Url of the experience, the submission form will autofill 😃.

You can later edit your experience if u like.

How to Contribute

If you want to contribute to this project and the community, you're welcome to have a look at our Contribution Guide for this project.

Special Thanks to

  • for providing API to autofill submisson form 🥰
  • Wagtail for providing an awesome framework that makes managing submissions very easy ✅
  • tailwindcss for saving the lives of backend developers. 🙏
  • Matavatar from BFportal discord community for designing UI of the website 🤝