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Riccardo Govoni

    JavaScript 0 1


    HTML5 sentence generator and chrome experiment

    Updated Oct 28, 2012

    JavaScript 7 0


    javascript library for spatial navigation and interaction on structured data.

    Updated Mar 4, 2012

    JavaScript 12 5


    jQuery plugin for box selection. Like jQuery UI Selectable, but better.

    Updated Jan 20, 2012

    JavaScript 10 9


    Gallery and custom styling of widgets from Google Charts Controls and Dashboards API

    Updated Oct 26, 2011

    Ruby 6 1


    minimalistic file-based Content Management System (CMS) built on top of Ruby On Rails

    Updated Oct 19, 2011

    JavaScript 1 0


    Snippy is a Chrome Extension that allows you to grab rich snippets of webpages, organize them and share them with the world.

    Updated May 27, 2011

    JavaScript 1 1


    An AppEngine application, also deployed at, where you can upload and share snippets captured with the Snippy chrome extension

    Updated May 27, 2011

    JavaScript 5 2


    Live Javascript Editor (LJE) is a simple Javascript app that lets you type and execute Javascript code and snippets on the fly, best suited for speakers to present and illustrate Javascript code to an audience, like you would do during a tech conference.

    Updated May 20, 2011


    Empty content repository to be used with the battlehorse/borg CMS

    Updated May 19, 2011

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