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A techy beardy conference raising awareness of male suicide and raising funds to help combat it!
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Battle of the Beards

This is the repo for the Battle of the Beards website, which uses Hugo a static website engine.

Pull requests are welcome! There are a few ways you can make changes

  • You can do it from github, click the edit file to get started
    • this is great for fixing things like typos
  • Install Hugo on your machine, make the changes, preview them, commit them and make a pull request
    • this is the best way to make change that might effect the layout

Installing Hugo

You'll first need to Install Hugo in a way that best suits your environment and comfort level.

Using Hugo

In a command prompt or terminal, navigate to the path that contains your config.toml file and run hugo. You should now have a public directory with a complete blog! Open public/index.html in your browser and bask.

Live Editing

If that wasn't amazing enough, from the same terminal, run hugo server -w. This will watch your directories for changes and rebuild the site immediately, and it will make these changes available at http://localhost:1313/ so you can view your change in your browser. Go on, try it. This is one of the best ways to preview your site while working on it.

Committing Your Changes

When you're happy with the changes you can run these commands (line by line) in the command line

git add .
git commit -m "message"
git push origin master

What this is doing is:

  • building the site using hugo
  • staged those changes git add .
  • committing those changes to the current branch git commit -m "message", change message to something sensible
  • pushing that commit to the server git push origin master

Learning More

To further learn Hugo and learn more, read through the Hugo documentation.

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