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BattleSnake Admin

This project is for the admin dashboard of the 2018 coding event. The actual game server lives at

Getting Started

Pull the repo, then run ./scripts/setup

Create some files

Create ./scripts/env-local.yml and load it with:

GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: <fill in with your own>
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET: <fill in with your own>
GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL: http://localhost:3009/auth/github/callback
REDIS_HOST: localhost
BATTLESNAKE_SERVER_HOST: http://localhost:3001
AUTH_REDIRECT_URL: http://localhost:3000
COOKIE_DOMAIN: localhost
SESSION_SECRET: any_appropriate_text

Create Github OAuth vars

Go here to create a new Github OAuth app to get your credentials to fill in GITHUB_CLIENT_* values above.

More info here:

Run the required services

First, run ./scripts/services to spin up all the services including the battlesnake game server.

Then, run the migration script for dynamodb ./scripts/migrate.

Start the server and client build

To get the server and client running, open two terminal windows and run ./scripts/run-server and ./scripts/run-client in them respectively.

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