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2019 Bounty Snakes

Defeat a 2019 Bounty Snake on March 2 for a chance to win a prize! Prizes and snake descriptions listed below.

Dyspatch by Sendwithus

Beat a snake to win a t-shirt or gift card for Empire Donuts. Winners will be entered into a draw for a $75 gift card for Quazars Arcade & $125 gift card for Chucks Burger Bar.



Name: Workday Jake Conditions: Make an attempt for 1 entry into the draw. Beat Workday Jake for a second entry into the draw. Prizes: JBL Portable Speakers for each team member


Beat our team of snakes in 1v1 matches to earn entries into our grand prize draw for $1000!


Beat Statler and Waldorf 2v2 for a chance to win dinner and drinks at Moon Under Water with the Giftbit Bounty Snake team.


Beat our snake head-to-head on a 15 x 15 game board with 1 food and no spawn rate. Our grand prize will be $150 of gift cards(3 x $50 each) for Quazar's Arcade.

Schneider Electric Victoria

You will compete against Schnake on a 12x15 board. You can compete on one of two levels: Beat Schnake 1v1 to be entered into our grand prize draw. Or compete 2v1 (two of our Schnakes vs one of yours) to win a Schneider Electric T-Shirt and be entered into our grand prize draw. Our grand prizes are a solar powered lantern, and a $200 gift certificate to Best Buy.

Pixel Union

Survive our team of snakes in a 3v1 gauntlet where The Undersnaker, Ourobouros, and DangerNoodle will attack you in waves while the others bide their time. Defeat them all and win a movie gift card package.

FreshWorks Studios

TrashSnake: Beat trashsnake on a 1v1, 10x10 board, 5 food ShakySnake: Beat 2 shakysnakes on a 1v2, 15x15 board, 5 food firstbattlesnake:beat firstbattlesnake on a 1v1, 15X15 board, 15 food

Prizes: Beat 1 bounty snake, win swag item. Beat 2 bounty snakes, win bigger swag item. Beat all 3 snakes, be entered into draw to win FRESH-Experience.


Wiggles is a 1v1 battle on an 11x11 board with 121 food. He is very tough to beat, so we also have a second bounty snake. Wiggles will be our entry in the bounty snake tournament.

Krom's challenge is a 2v1 battle on a 13x13 board with 10 food. Both of the Krom-snakes are very aggressive, and they'll both be targeting the challenger.


Beat the Redbrick Bounty Snake for entry into the draw prize for a $500 Visa gift card!


Defeat our twin snakes Arnold and Danny in a 2v2 battle for a chance to win a $200 gift card at Flynn's VR!

Semaphore Solutions

Beat our bounty snake "Mondo Snake" 1v1 to be entered into a draw to win a boardgame or $20 worth of tokens for Quasar's arcade!

And introducing Snake X: Legends! Compete against our bounty snakes (Fang Galore, Gib Rattler and Writhe) in a 3v3 match where the board shrinks each round. Winners will be entered in a draw for one of two large stuffed snakes.

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