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A simple Battlesnake AI written in Elixir
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A simple Battlesnake AI written in Elixir using a Cowboy server and Poison library.


App Overview

  • elixir_snake.ex is where the three actions must be implemented: start, move, end

  • Each handler is already set up to parse and render JSON.

Setup and Installation

1. Install Elixir

These steps assume you've installed Elixir locally. If you haven't follow the offical installation guidelines.

2. Fork and clone this repo:

git clone
cd starter-snake-elixir

3. Install Hex:

mix local.hex

4. Install dependencies:

mix deps.get

5. Run the server:

iex -S mix

Test the client in your browser: http://localhost:8085

Changing the port (optional)

The default port can be changed in config/config.exs.


You can run the test suite by:

mix test

Deploying to Heroku

Click the Deploy to Heroku button at the top or use the command line commands below.

Create a new Heroku app:

heroku apps:create APP_NAME

Push code to Heroku servers:

git push heroku master

Open Heroku app in browser:

heroku open

Or go directly via

View/stream server logs:

heroku logs --tail
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