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Version 1.9
Released: ???
New Features:
Bug Fixes:
* FIXED: Point shown in status bar incorrect when SpikeDB.NOPOINT used.
Version 1.8
Released: April 12, 2012
New Features:
* Added a programmable progress bar to the Analysis tab and updated with SpikeDB.updateProgress().
* Added addRadioOption() to add radio buttons to the advanced options window.
* Added addRuler() to add a horizontal ruler to the advanced options window.
* Condensed built in plugins by moving similar analyeses into one file with more options.
* Added a progress window when loading the database instead of just having an unresponsive program.
* Added a spike time filter window and removed the filter caused by zooming in.
Bug Fixes:
* FIXED: Analysis script options are shown in ordered as added.
* FIXED: stddev() in the analysis script was outputting variance, not stddev.
* FIXED: Stimuli will be drawn on spike raster even when zoomed in.
Version 1.7
Released: January 30, 2012
New Features:
* OS X Version now uses Quartz as a backend for nicer integration with the OS.
* Added ability to save plugin options within a session.
* Exporting graph data no longer appends "_1" for single files.
* Updated About Box with testers and special thanks.
* Added an Action button for plugins to run extra features via SpikeDBAction().
Bug Fixes:
* FIXED: Some plugins would show up twice in dropdown list on Mac OS X.
* FIXED: When moving "too fast" between scripts SpikeDB should no longer crash occasionally.
Version 1.6
Released: January 5, 2012
* Fix incorrect number of decimals showing in some plots.
* Mean spike count will show min and max lines by default for single files.
* Mean spike count will show response value for all trials as faded dots.
* Fixed bug reading in some version 6.0 and 6.1 spike data files.
Version 1.5
Released: January 3, 2012
* Automatic database upgrades with new versions of SpikeDB at first launch.
* Python scripts must now be contained within a SpikeDBRun() function.
* Ability to create custom options for analysis scripts in a SpikeDBAdvanced() method that calls addOptionCheckbox() or addOptionNumber().
* Check for new SpikeDB version automatically at launch.
* Graph data points can be given names and show up in status bar on mouse over (see SpikeDB.setNames function).
* Graph data points can be given data to be used by SpikeDB later. Currently supports being set to a TreePath from the SpikeDB.getCells() "TreePath" item and then clicking on a datapoint brings you to that cell.
* Added a "bad" column to the Cells database to allow users to mark a bad cell that should not be used in data analysis. Easier than hiding every file.
* Fixed plot axes when displaying error bars.
* Fixed memory issues with Python scripts that could cause errors.
Version 1.4
Released: December 20, 2011
* Windows Build
* Read in Spike 5.0 files
* Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes