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- DKIM (need a node dkim library first - perhaps based on libdkimpp?)
- Rate Limiting for outbound mail
- Milter support
- Ability to modify the body of email (e.g add a banner) and have it re-write the data_lines
- Create a config file for each of the core shipping configs, so people have something as a baseline
- IMAP server (long shot for now)
- Add the option to define special/important plugins that are always run, even if an earlier
plugin on the same hook returns OK
- Spool data to disk once databytes reaches a certain size to save memory
- The plan for this is as follows:
1. Create a subclass of Stream which is read/writable, and spools to
memory at first, and then to disk after a configurable size is
2. Convert code that reads data_lines to use that class instead
3. Convert code that sends over a socket to use .pipe() instead - see
how outbound.js does that as it is reading from disk.
4. Somehow work into all that ability to re-write the email after
adding banners etc.
Outbound improvements
- Fix --qlist and --qstat (currently broken)
- Add the ability to force a run on a specific queue file or destination domain
- Make retry times configurable (handle RFC requirements for 5 days and DSN queued warnings)
- Limit concurrency by domain
- Disable deliveries for a domain
- Pool connections by domain/MX
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