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- Milter support
- Ability to modify the body of email (e.g add a banner)
- Create a config file for each of the core shipping configs, so people have something as a baseline
- IMAP server (long shot for now)
- Plugins to copy from Qpsmtpd:
- dspam
- greylisting
- virus/*
Outbound improvements
- Rate Limiting (there's a branch for this but it's incomplete)
- Provide better command line tools for manipulating/inspecting the queue
- Add the ability to force a run on a specific queue file or destination domain
- Make retry times configurable (handle RFC requirements for 5 days and DSN queued warnings)
- Limit concurrency by domain
- Disable deliveries for a domain
- Pool connections by domain/MX
- Enable TLS by default
Plugin behavior changes
- in SpamAssassin plugin, change default behavior of 'legacy' status header.
Presently, when undefined, legacy is used. Legacy support should be changed to
only when requested, with a sunset date.
- data.uribl; expand short URLs before lookups, add support for uri-a (, uri-ns, uri-ns-a lookup types.
Remove the following deprecated plugins
- rdns.regexp
- data.nomsgid (subsumed into data.headers.js)
- data.noreceived ""
- data.rfc5322_header_checks ""
- daemonize
- mail_from.nobounces (subsumed into bounce.js)
- mail_from.blocklist
- rcpt_to.blocklist
- lookup_rdns_strict
- mail_from.access (replaced by access.js)
- rcpt_to.access ""
- connect.rdns_access ""
- relay_acl (replaced by relay.js)
- relay_all ""
- relay_force_routing ""
Rename the following plugins
- toobusy -> connect.toobusy
- attachment -> data.attachment
- avg -> data.avg
- clamd -> data.clamd
- spamassassin -> data.spamassassin
Move the following plugins:
- test_queue -> queue/test_queue
Built-in HTTP server
- uses the same TLS/SSL certs as smtpd
- auth against SMTP-AUTH provider
Update tests to detect HARAKA_NETWORK_TESTS and skip network tests unless it's set
(to prevent annoying test suite failures that are tangential to Haraka)