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Transaction Object

An SMTP transaction is valid from MAIL FROM time until RSET or "final-dot".


  • transaction.uuid

A unique UUID for this transaction. Is equal to the connection.uuid + '.N' where N increments for each transaction on this connection.

  • transaction.mail_from

The value of the MAIL FROM command as an Address object.

  • transaction.rcpt_to

An Array of Address objects of recipients from the RCPT TO command.

  • transaction.data_lines

An Array of the lines of the email after DATA.

  • transaction.data_bytes

The number of bytes in the email after DATA.

  • transaction.add_data(line)

Adds a line of data to the email. Note this is RAW email - it isn't useful for adding banners to the email.

  • transaction.notes

A safe place to store transaction specific values.

  • transaction.add_header(key, value)

Adds a header to the email.

  • transaction.remove_header(key)

Deletes a header from the email.

  • transaction.header

The header of the email. See Header Object.

  • transaction.parse_body

Set to 1 to enable parsing of the mail body. Make sure you set this in hook_data or before.

  • transaction.body

The body of the email if you set parse_body above. See Body Object.

  • transaction.attachment_hooks(start, data, end)

Sets event emitter hooks for attachments if you set parse_body above.

The start event will receive (content_type, filename) as parameters.

The data event will receive a Buffer object containing some of the attachment data.

The end event will be called with no parameters when an attachment ends.

Both the data and end params are optional.

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