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Commits on Jun 2, 2011
Commits on Jan 3, 2011
  1. @rspier

    temp_resolver_failed is a transaction note

    Peter J. Holzer committed with rspier Jan 3, 2011
     The mail hook sets a transaction note 'temp_resolver_failed', but the
     rcpt hook queried a connection note of the same name (which didn't
     exist, of course).
     Now it queries the transaction note.
Commits on Nov 14, 2010
  1. @rspier

    Patch: FATAL PLUGIN ERROR [check_basicheaders]: ...

    Charlie Brady committed with rspier Nov 8, 2010
    check_basicheaders fails if there are no headers at all:
Commits on Oct 30, 2010
  1. @rspier
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
  1. @vetinari @abh

    prefork: use new instance instead of cloning

    vetinari committed with abh Feb 28, 2009
    Create a new instance instead of cloning^copying the base instance,
    see ff.
  2. @vetinari @abh

    Fix for plugins returning DONE from HELO/EHLO

    vetinari committed with abh Mar 11, 2009
    We have to return something true, else the client gets an additional
     451 Internal error - try again later - command 'helo' failed unexpectedly
    after the plugin's ->respond() message.
  3. @vetinari @abh

    plugins/rcpt_map cleanup

    vetinari committed with abh Mar 6, 2009
    * enforce having a "domain" parameter
    * unique default message (missing dot added)
  4. @vetinari @abh

    new plugin rcpt_map

    vetinari committed with abh Mar 6, 2009
    Check recipients from a postfix style map. The valid return codes are of course
    qpsmtpd constants. By storing the addresses in a %hash, this is much faster
    for fixed addresses than using the rcpt_regexp plugin just with fixed strings.
    This plugin handles only one domain per plugin instance. Use the :N suffix for
    the plugin if you need several domains mapped.
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
  1. @peterbokunet @abh
  2. @peterbokunet @abh

    Adds the ability to have multiple instances (each with different

    peterbokunet committed with abh Dec 9, 2009
    configs) running under Apache.
  3. @abh

    Add support for multiple postfix cleanup sockets

    jaredj committed with abh Mar 5, 2009
    The current postfix-queue plugin allows the administrator to set a
    single path to a local postfix cleanup socket file from the plugin
    'command line'.  This adds a 'cleanup_sockets' configuration directive
    that can contain a list of paths as well as host/port combinations
    pointing to postfix cleanup services, which will be tried in the order
    that they appear.  Not yet tested.
  4. @abh

    Run hook_reset_transaction after all connections

    jaredj committed with abh Feb 28, 2009
    This makes hook_reset_transaction a bit more useful by running it on
    disconnections.  It also ensures that hook_disconnect runs when the
    client disconnects without QUITing.
  5. @abh

    Shorten/clarify Connection and Transaction notes()

    Jared Johnson committed with abh Feb 20, 2009
    Update Qpsmtpd::Connection::notes() and Qpsmtpd::Transaction::notes()
    with clearer, more brief syntax.  A previous patch used seemingly better
    syntax, but did not evaluate the size of @_ in order to distinguish
    between a call to notes('arg1',undef) and notes('arg1').  This corrects
    this issue, and adds a comment to that effect.
Commits on Jul 26, 2010
  1. @msimerson @rspier
  2. @msimerson @rspier

    add test name to test output

    msimerson committed with rspier Jul 26, 2010
  3. @msimerson @rspier

    give badrcptto a reasonable name

    msimerson committed with rspier Jul 26, 2010
    renamed check_badrcptto test from foo to test_check_badrcptto_ok
  4. @msimerson @rspier

    increased default TLS security setting

    msimerson committed with rspier Jul 26, 2010
    switched default TLS security in config/tls_ciphers from HIGH to HIGH:!SSLv2. Added note for how to set the minimum level of security necessary for PCI compliance.
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  5. @msimerson @rspier

    corrected email address

    msimerson committed with rspier Jul 26, 2010
  6. @rspier

    don't create homedir in RPM

    rspier committed Jul 25, 2010
    based on..
    From: Charlie Brady <>
    Subject: rpm packaging bug - smtpd user created with shell not /bin/false
    Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 18:17:49 -0400 (EDT)
    if ! id smtpd >/dev/null 2>&1
        # need to create smtpd user.
        if perl -e 'exit ! defined(getgrnam("postdrop"))'
        # if postfix is installed, we will probably use
        # queue/postfix, which will need this:
            supp="-G postdrop"
        useradd -r -m $supp smtpd
    qpsmtpd needs a user "smtpd", but should not create a home directory or
    give access to a shell.
  7. @rspier

    ignore search path in DNS lookups

    rspier committed Jul 25, 2010
           2.  If the name doesn't end in a dot then append each item in the search list to the name.
               This is only done if dnsrch is true.
    triggered by..
    From: Charlie Brady <>
    Subject: [BUG] Default search path used in require_resolvable_fromhost
    Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 16:24:42 -0400 (EDT)
     Jesper Knudsen      2010-03-01 01:29:10 MST
    When using the require_resolvable_fromhost plugin for qpsmtpd I noticed
    that mails from user@localhost.localdomain was actually getting through
    this filter. I finally found out that the plugin has a bug that causes it
    to insert default search path if it cannot find the domain. This means in
    my case that localhost.localdomain was then tried resolved as and since I have a wilcard CNAME
    was resolved as my public IP.
    Since this plugin is only enabled for public interface the fix is to set
    the "dnsrch" flag when creating the Net::DNS object.
    In require_resolvable_fromhost:
    my $res = Net::DNS::Resolver->new (
                                       dnsrch => 0
Commits on Jul 12, 2010
  1. @tyskjohan @rspier

    new plugin check_badmailfrom_patterns

    tyskjohan committed with rspier Jul 11, 2010
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
Commits on May 13, 2010
  1. @rspier

    Check for the exact string resonses from vpopmaild rather than using …

    Robin Bowes committed with rspier May 10, 2010
Commits on May 12, 2010
  1. @msimerson @rspier

    packaging updates

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    added to MANIFEST
    added packaging to MANIFEST.SKIP
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  2. @msimerson @rspier

    added p0f support to greylist plugin

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    - these changes are in the previous TCPLOCAL patch. Documented here.
    added p0f config option
    added POD docs to explain usage
    modified $dbdir selection logic. The previous logic failed when QPHOME was
     not selected (as is the case when tests are being run).
    Added '.' as the dir of last resort for $dbdir selection (others $EMPTY/dir
     dumped greylisting database in / )
      - These changes are included in this patch -
    Added t/plugin_tests/greylisting, with greylist logic testing (tests are
     disabled by default, as greylisting is disabled in config.sample/plugins)
    Added example entry in config.sample/plugins
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  3. @msimerson @rspier

    added local_ip option to p0f plugin

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    (updated patch against rspier/qpsmtpd)
    The p0f plugin defaulted to binding to TCPLOCALIP, which doesn't work
    when the mail server is running behind a firewall with a private IP. If
    the local_ip option is set in the config file, it overrides TCPLOCALIP.
    Added POD documentation for local_ip option and p0f general usage
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  4. @msimerson @rspier

    add TCPLOCAL* variables to $qp->connection

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    (patch remade against latest rspier/qpsmtpd)
    added remote_port, local_ip, local_port, and local_host to $qp->connection, as the p0f plugin relies on it.
    added notes to and the p0f plugin noting the dependence, and the lack of support for models other than tcpserver.
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  5. @msimerson @rspier

    rewrote sender_permitted_from

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    rewrote the plugin using Mail::SPF, which is the replacement for Mail::SPF::Query (by the same author).  The two plugins are mutually exclusive and SpamAssassin expects to have Mail::SPF available.
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  6. @msimerson @rspier

    added auth_vpopmail plugin

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    added auth_vpopmail plugin, using the perl-vpopmail module
    added VPOPMAIL auth methods description to docs/authentication
    added SEE ALSO section to each module, noting the VPOPMAIL description
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  7. @msimerson @rspier

    fix copy/paste error in auth_flat_file

    msimerson committed with rspier May 11, 2010
    correct copy/paste error, where auth_flat_file methods were named authsql in auth_flat plugin
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
Commits on May 11, 2010
  1. @rspier

    start working on Changes file for 0.84+next

    rspier committed May 10, 2010
    Includes 93c1a23..febdb00
  2. @rspier

    new plugin auth_vpopmaild

    Robin Bowes committed with rspier May 8, 2010
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  3. @msimerson @rspier

    updates to auth_vpopmail_sql module

    msimerson committed with rspier May 10, 2010
    updates to auth_vpopmail_sql module
     - moved vpopmail database parameters into config files
     - added LIMITATIONS section to POD, noting no support for alias domains
     - renamed sub from authsql (too generic) to auth_vmysql
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  4. @msimerson @rspier

    added auth_checkpassword plugin

    msimerson committed with rspier May 10, 2010
    New and improved!
    With POD! (because JP said so:
    Includes usage notes and a perl script useful for diagnosing a checkpassword program.
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
  5. @rspier

    Add guidelines for commit messages

    rspier committed May 10, 2010
    From git-commit(1)
Commits on May 10, 2010
  1. @msimerson @rspier

    added definedness test to $local_port as it was emitting errors to to…

    msimerson committed with rspier May 4, 2010
    … not being defined. My previous commit to fixed that problem.
    Signed-off-by: Robert <>
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