• Apr 8, 2010


    0.84 April 7, 2010
      uribl: fix scan-headers option (Jost Krieger, Robert Spier)
      exim: Use BSMTP response codes, various cleanups (Devin Carraway)
      config: cache returned values from config plugins (Peter J. Holzer)
      AUTH PLAIN bug with Alpine (Rick Richard)
      require_resolvable_fromhost: Moved DENYSOFT for temp_resolver_failed
      to the RCPT TO hook. (Larry Nedry)
      Note Net::IP dependency (Larry Nedry)
      Various minor spelling cleanups and such (Steve Kemp, Devin Carraway)
      rpm: create .rpm files from the packaging/rpm directory (Peter J. Holzer,
      Robin Bowes, Filippo Carletti, Richard Siddell)
      spamassasin: Custom spam tag subject munging (Jonathan Martens, Robert Spier)
      clamav: Fix typo in name of default configuration file (Filippo Carletti)
  • Sep 15, 2009


    0.83 September 15, 2009
      plugins/queue/maildir: Allow hyphens in the maildir path (Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson)
      Modify plugins/virus/clamav option for ClamAV 0.95 (no-summary)
      Temporary deny if clamd is not running (Shad L. Lords)
      Fix spamassassin plugin log noise if spam score is 0.0
      Fix spool_dir configuration documentation and README update (Tomas Lee)
      Disconnect host in rhsbl (Charlie Brady)
      POD cleanups (Steve Kemp)
      check_badmailfrom: Fix parsing of reason messages etc (Robert Spier, Tomas Lee)
      check_spamhelo disconnects after denying a 'helo' (Filippo Carletti)
      Log even when aren't in a transaction (Jared Johnson)
      prefork: More robust child spawning (Jared Johnson)
      Add dup_body_fh method to return a dup'd body FH (Jared Johnson)
  • Jun 2, 2009


    0.82 - June 2, 2009
      prefork: Fix problem with processes sometimes being "left behind" (Charlie Brady)
      prefork: Fix startup when no interface addresses are specified (Devin Carraway)
      prefork: add multi-address support
      The clamdscan virus-scanning plugin now requires the ClamAV::Client
      perl module instead of the older, deprecated Clamd module (Devin Carraway)
      prefork: support --listen-address for consistency with forkserver
      prefork: Sanitize the shell environment before loading modules
  • Apr 3, 2009
  • Feb 27, 2009


    Release 0.80 - first release in forever
     - Almost 200 changes since the last proper release
  • Feb 1, 2008
  • Sep 28, 2007
  • Jun 11, 2007
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