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Ember App Kit Build Status

Ember App Kit aims to be the foundation for ambitious web applications built with Ember. It's intended to be used either on its own or as the base scaffolding for projects using Ember Tools, generator-ember and a hypothetical official executable at some point in the future.

This project has been extracted out of several real world applications and is actively used. Currently it covers the basics fairly well, but much still needs to be done. As we learn and as more contributors join in it continues to evolve. If you encounter any bugs, clunky features or missing documentation, just submit an issue and we'll respond ASAP.

At the very least, it helps setup your Ember.js applications directory structure.

We welcome ideas and experiments.

Getting Started


  • Sane project structure
  • ES6 module transpiler support (easy, future-proof modules)
  • Module system-aware resolver (see Referencing views and Using Ember loaders)
  • Transparent project compilation & minification for easy deploys via Grunt
  • Package management via Bower
  • Optional support for CoffeeScript, SASS, LESS or Stylus
  • Testing via QUnit, Ember Testing and Testem (with examples)
  • Linting via JSHint (including module syntax)
  • Catch-all index.html for easy reloading of pushState router apps
  • Generators via Loom (to generate routes, controllers, etc.)

Future Goals

  • Source maps for transpiled modules
  • Easier to install 3rd party packages
  • Faster, more intelligent builds

Think anything else is missing? Feel free to open an issue (or, even better, a PR)! Discussion and feedback is always appreciated.

Special Thanks

Some ideas in ember-app-kit originated in work by Yapp Labs (@yapplabs) with McGraw-Hill Education Labs (@mhelabs) on yapplabs/glazier. Thanks to Yapp and MHE for supporting the Ember ecosystem!


Copyright 2013 by Stefan Penner and Ember App Kit Contributors, and licensed under the MIT License. See included LICENSE file for details.