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A script to automate the installation of electrumx πŸ€–
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A script to automate the installation of electrumx πŸ€–

Installing electrumx isn't really straight-forward (yet). You have to install the latest version of Python and various dependencies for one of the database engines. Then you have to integrate electrumx into your init system.

electrumx-installer simplifies this process to running a single command. All that's left to do for you is to customise the configuration and to start electrumx.


This installs electrumx using the default options:

wget -O - | bash

You can also set some options if you want more control:

-d --dbdir Set database directory (default: /db/)
--update Update previously installed version
--leveldb Use LevelDB instead of RocksDB

For example:

wget -O - | bash -s - -d /media/ssd/electrum-db

Operating System Compatibility

The following operating systems are officially supported and automatically being tested against:

OS Status
Ubuntu 18.04 ubuntu
Debian Jessie debian
Fedora 29 centos
Ubuntu 16.04 ubuntu
CentOS 7 centos
Debian Stretch debian

If you prefer a different operating system that's not listed here, see distributions/ to find out how to add it. Or open an issue if you'd rather not do that yourself.

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