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A lightweight image editing app for android 1.5+
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Android Image Edit: Lightweight Image editing tool

This app allows you to upload photos and layer them on top of existing images on your phone via drag and drop. Originally designed to allow users to drag and drop default moustaches onto their friends photos, eventually you will be able to upload your own photos that we will scale down and drag those onto photos you've already taken. Once the photo is edited, you will be able to share it with friends.

Please if you feel motivated, download the source and test it on your phone and report any bugs, and/or bugfixes to

So this app is almost done in my book and works on my phone, it will be made freely available in the market, so check it out!

Tag 0.9b is stable and has pretty much everything I want in it, except the UI is still a little clumsy, let me know what you think.

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