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Symphony 2


Symphony is a PHP & MySQL based CMS that utilises XML and XSLT as its core technologies. This repository represents version 2.0.3 and is considered stable.

Visit the forum at http://symphony-cms.com/forum/


  1. Use the following command to get Extensions up to date:

    git submodule init git submodule update

  2. Follow normal updating procedure below from step 4.


Follow the instructions below if you are updating from Symphony version 2.0 (non Git)

  1. Backup /symphony/.htaccess.

  2. Upload /symphony, index.php & update.php, replacing what is already on your server.

  3. Put the backed-up .htaccess file into the new /symphony folder.

  4. Go to http://yoursite.com/update.php to complete the update process.

  5. Follow the instruction under "Adding Navigation Group to sections".

  6. For those who have an upload field, follow the instructions under "Update Upload Field".

  7. Dance like it's 1999!

Adding Navigation Group to sections

Be sure to run the following MySQL commands to get the new section navigation group functionality. Change sym_ to match your table prefix value

ALTER TABLE  `sym_sections` ADD  `navigation_group` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT  'Content';

ALTER TABLE  `sym_sections` ADD INDEX (  `navigation_group` ) ;

Update Upload Field

Update your corresponding entries_data_xx table with the following:

ALTER TABLE `tbl_entries_data_XX` CHANGE `mimetype` `mimetype` VARCHAR( 50 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL

The table number, 'XX' should be whatever ID of your upload field. If you have more than one upload field, run the above query for each field.


  1. Clone the git repository to the location you desire using:

     git clone git://github.com/symphony/symphony-2.git

    Should you wish to make contributions back to the project, fork the master tree rather than cloning, and issue pull requests via github.

    The following repositories are included as submodules:

  2. Run the following commands to ensure the submodules are cloned:

     git submodule init
     git submodule update
  3. (Optional) If you would like the default theme installed as well, you will need to use the following command from within the Symphony 2 folder you just created:

     git clone git://github.com/symphony/workspace.git
  4. Follow normal installation procedure below from step 2.


Note: You can leave /workspace out if you do not want the default theme.

  1. This step assumes you downloaded a zip archive from the Symphony website. Upload the following files and directories to the root directory of your website:

    • index.php
    • install.php
    • /symphony
    • /workspace
    • /extensions
  2. Point your web browser at http://yourwebsite.com/install.php and provide details for establishing a database connection and about your server environment.

  3. Celebrate!