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Symphony 3

  • Version: 3.0 beta
  • Date: 3 December 2010
  • Description: HTML templates based on a test Symphony 3 beta install


Symphony is a PHP & MySQL based CMS that utilises XML and XSLT as its core technologies. This repository represents version the 3 beta that was released in June 2010, but never saw the light of day as an official release. For anyone who is interested in a little bit of history, feel free to look around at what could have been.

See the original announcement on the forum at

HTML Templates

This repository is just plain old HTML files of the Symphony 3 admin user interface. So, the thought is to open up the idea of the Symphony UI and workflow to be extended to other systems, or to use the HTML templates as the basis for building web interfaces with technologies other than PHP. I'm interested in continuing my experiment to build the Symphony admin with XSLT.

Symphony Demo

Another possible use for this repository is as a demonstration of the principles and workflow of Symphony CMS and as a teaching aid for people who are learning how to use the system. As plain old HTML, these files can be served to the public and be referred to in documentation.