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Commits on Feb 14, 2011
  1. support UdpTranspoerSettings.MulticastInterfaceId. This should fix bu…

    Atsushi Eno committed Feb 14, 2011
    …g #669328.
  2. backport of r1012ab0b

    Veerapuram Varadhan committed Feb 14, 2011
    Fixes 667236 - Handle numeric types appropriately
  3. [670974] Use the underlying BaseStream to read bytes instead of tryin…

    migueldeicaza committed Feb 14, 2011
    …g to peek a character.
    Peeking a character as it turns out is a really bad idea as it involves the encoder
    to pull characters.   If the PeekChar happens to read a byte that is part of a
    UTF8 string that needs more characters to process we would end up with the reported
    Atsushi Enomoto tracked this down, and the fix is to use the binaryreader.BaseStream
    to directly call into ReadByte and Read without ever probing with PeekChar ().   It
    is not really possible to use BinaryReader.ReadByte since this one can throw on
    end-of-buffer conditions instead of returning -1
Commits on Feb 13, 2011
  1. [HttpWebRequest] Avoid nullref on empty cookie header.

    gonzalop committed Feb 13, 2011
    	If the Set-Cookie header is empty, the cookie instance is not created.
    	Fixes bug #670189.
  2. [HttpListenre] Avoid multiple calls to Close()

    gonzalop committed Feb 13, 2011
    	HttpListenerResponse could be calling HttpConnection.Close() more than
Commits on Feb 12, 2011
  1. [gzip] Allow partial flush

    gonzalop committed Feb 12, 2011
    	When Flush() is called explicitly, do a Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH to force gzip
    	into giving us whatever is available. Less efficient, but compatible
    	with MS.
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
  1. [Socket] Fix invalid cast

    gonzalop committed Feb 11, 2011
    	Fix invalid cast when canceling pending operations due to socket.Close.
  2. Continue X509Chain processing even if the local machine directory doe…

    Sebastien Pouliot committed Feb 11, 2011
    …s not exists
    * corlib/Mono.Security.X509/X509Store.cs:
    * Mono.Security/Mono.Security.X509/X509Store.cs:
    	Fix key pair persistence to load key pairs from the same location
    	(machine or user) as the requested certificate. This avoids an
    	internal exception (on missing local machine directory) that stop
    	the evaluation of the certificate validity (i.e. no user store
    * System/System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates/X509Chain.cs:
    Ensure that a missing local machine directory does not result in a NRE
    while loading CRL (which would fail the certificate being validated)
  3. Make maxStackSize behavior compatible with MS.

    kumpera committed Feb 11, 2011
    	* Thread.cs (.ctor): Check if maxStackSize is negative
    	and raise and AOORE. Silently use a saner minimum size
    	of 128k as mono can't really run with much less than that.
  4. Change some Sleep(0)'s to Sleep(1) in the soft-debugger code to avoid…

    vargaz committed Feb 11, 2011
    … 100% cpu utilization on windows.
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
  1. [HttpWebRequest] Error handling for POST/PUT

    gonzalop committed Feb 10, 2011
    	When we get an error from the server before writing an entire
    	unbuffered response, the server might close the connection leading to
    	write errors. Ignore those and return the actual HTTP status code from
    	the original server error.
  2. [xbuild] Update Utilities.FromMSBuildPath from monodevelop.

    radical committed Feb 10, 2011
    Updating FromMSBuildPath also fixes a bug on windows.
    * Microsoft.Build.Engine/Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine/Utilities.cs:
    Move to..
    * Microsoft.Build.Utilities/Mono.XBuild.Utilities/MSBuildUtils.cs:
    .. this. Also, update FromMSBuildPath from monodevelop.
    * Update Engine/* and Tasks/* to track the new api.
  3. Mono.Debugger.Soft.dll is installed for 4.0 also.

    Andrew Jorgensen committed Feb 10, 2011
  4. Fix wrong async completion handling in UDP channel receive.

    Atsushi Eno committed Feb 10, 2011
    After AsyncWaitHandle.Set(), order of filling results and WaitOne() are
Commits on Feb 9, 2011
  1. [] Fix for bug #669048. Fix up virtual precompiled app virtual…

    grendello committed Feb 9, 2011
    … paths with the virtual root of the current app
  2. Handle assignment check of variant type and its gtd.

    kumpera committed Feb 9, 2011
    	* clas.c (mono_class_is_variant_compatible): Return
    	FALSE if checking a variant type and its gtd instead
    	of crashing.
    	Fixes #668506
  3. Cleanup the reference queue on domain unload.

    kumpera committed Feb 9, 2011
    	* gc.c (finalize_domain_objects): Clear reference
    	queues on domain unload after running all finalizers.
  4. Disable OP_INEG cfolding on 32 bit arches, as it breaks the LNEG deco…

    vargaz committed Feb 9, 2011
    …mposition. The previous special casing didn't work as the spill pass could insert a store between the ineg and the adc_imm. Fixes #670479.