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tag: 2.8-p3

Sep 10, 2010

  1. Forward port this change for MonoVS

    Geoff Norton authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  2. Geoff Norton

    fix typo

    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=148851
    kangaroo authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  3. Geoff Norton

    2009-12-14 Geoff Norton <>

            * debugger-agent.c: The end_runtime_invoke guard isn't working
            on AMD64 as __builtin_frame_address (1) returns NULL.  Disable the
            behaviour by default, and make it runtime configurable.
    svn path=/branches/mono-2-6/mono/; revision=148421
    kangaroo authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  4. Miguel de Icaza

    [Fix] Correct fix for the g_shell_parse_argv bug

    Simplifies the code a little bit by eliminating the in_quote variable,
    but also fixes the rules to follow the requirements from the
    "Shell Command Language" specification on the Unix03 site:
    In particular, the interpretation of the backslash inside double quotes
    is limited to a handful of characters.   Notice that this differs from
    the glib implementation which is not correct either.
    migueldeicaza authored

Sep 09, 2010

  1. Miguel de Icaza

    [Fix] Allow escape characters inside quoted text, and do not let nest…

    …ed quote reset the quoting state
    This should fix #637680
    migueldeicaza authored
  2. Various cleanup and addition

    Andrew Jorgensen authored

Sep 07, 2010

  1. Zoltan Varga

    Add a few more remaps.

    vargaz authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  2. Zoltan Varga

    Remap g_strdupv too.

    vargaz authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  3. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #636709. ClientID must be reset when ID is assi…

    grendello authored
  4. Marek Habersack

    [] Fix for bug #636475. A typo caused ads not to be matched in…

    … ChooseAd
    The second loop over the ads hashtable must not reject an app if the keyword filter is empty.
    grendello authored
  5. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    Add wsdl help generator to the 4.0 files

    	Fixes bug #636841.
    gonzalop authored

Sep 01, 2010

  1. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    Remove Content-Length header when not needed

    	If we are redirecting to a GET from a POST, the Content-Length header
    	might have stale data and it will be sent. Some servers, instead of
    	ignoring it, keep waiting for the data to be sent (for a GET!).
    	Fixes bug #636219.
    gonzalop authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  2. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    Use the request itself as the key for the cache.

    	We were usign teh URL, but that might not be unique among several
    	requests that need to be authenticated using NTLM. This led to
    	different requests sharing the same authentication session which fails
    	Bug #631315 fixed.
    gonzalop authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  3. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    Avoid sending data in the challenge phase of NTLM

    	If there's a POST/PUT request that gets a NTLM 401, we save the data
    	and don't send it again until after the challenge phase. Ie, instead of
    	sending all the data 3 times, we only send it at most twice.
    gonzalop authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  4. Ankit Jain

    [xbuild] Update man page to add "/tv:" option.

    Add option to specify toolsversion from the command line,
    to the man page.
    radical authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  5. Ankit Jain

    [xbuild] Unsubscribe events on ConsoleLogger.Shutdown ()

    Reported by Lluis Sanchez.
    radical authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  6. Fix build of mono-basic on ppc64

    OP_BREAK can take up to 40 bytes on ppc64
    Geoff Norton authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
  7. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Only check for duplicate elements, not duplicate nodes.

    The duplicate-element checking algorithm wasn't restricted to just elements;
    consequently, an 'invalid token' exception was generated from XPath because we
    were trying to call XmlNode.SelectNodes("#text"), and '#' isn't valid.  Oops.
    Fixes building gendarme from mono-tools.
    jonpryor authored Andrew Jorgensen committed

Aug 31, 2010

  1. Version 2.8

    Andrew Jorgensen authored
  2. aot-compiler was not getting included in dist

    dist-local: dist-default fixes dist of this dir
    Andrew Jorgensen authored
  3. Zoltan Varga

    Reenable system AOT on x86/amd64 which accidently got disabled.

    vargaz authored
  4. Zoltan Varga

    Merge branch 'master' of

    vargaz authored
  5. Zoltan Varga

    Align structures on the stack to 4/8 bytes on ppc.

    vargaz authored
  6. Zoltan Varga

    Really disable AOT on platforms which doesn't support it.

    vargaz authored
  7. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update-ecma-xml] Sort libraries and types.

    This should help with any comparison tools as we ensure that libraries and
    types are in a consistent order.
    jonpryor authored
  8. Jonathan Pryor

    Remove unused code.

    jonpryor authored
  9. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update-ecma-xml] Do updates in-memory before writing.

    Previously, in a (misguided) effort to reduce memory requirements, I loaded
    the source document into an XDocument, then wrote it piecemeal to an output
      - Pro: only one document needed to be kept in memory, and additional
        memory was only needed to write replacement //Type nodes.
      - Con: since the output document isn't kept in memory, we can't do any
        post-processing before writing.
    Unfortunately, post-processing is what I want to do: I want to order the
    //Type elements by //Type/@Name, which means I need the entire document in
    memory _anyway_.
    Sorting //Type elements is for the next patch; this just migrates to the "do
    everything in-memory" logic.
    jonpryor authored
  10. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update-ecma-xml] Generate additional //Type/AssemblyInfo data.

    Generate the //Type/AssemblyInfo/AssemblyPublicKey and
    //Type/AssemblyInfo/AssemblyCulture elements based on the values stored in
    the index.xml file (which is why we updated mdoc-update to store this).
    If index.xml doesn't contain the //AssemblyCulture element, input a default
    <AssemblyCulture>neutral</AssemblyCulture> element.
    jonpryor authored
  11. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc] Enhance monodoc-ecma.xsd to support XML used by .NET inline docs.

    With these changes, we can import the .NET 4.0 reference assembly
    documentation and validate the output w/o getting any errors.
    Yes, this means we now accept several elements that aren't part of the ECMA
    standard, but at least the primary source of information for ECMA will sanely
    jonpryor authored
  12. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Support importing //returns & // value for "void" methods.

    Screwy docs be screwy, but crashing is worse than importing odd docs.
    jonpryor authored
  13. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Fix location of //Member/Attributes on properties, events.

    The //Member/Attributes element would "move" from after //Member/AssemblyInfo
    to the last element within //Member when updating properties and events.  This
    would result in overly large diff's when no other changes occurred, and
    results in 'mdoc validate' stating that the file is invalid.
    jonpryor authored
  14. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Normalize //returns and //value when importing XML docs.

    Some source XML documentation uses //returns when it should use //value, so
    normalize these values on import so we don't get both by mistake.
    jonpryor authored
  15. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Try to avoid importing the same element multiple times.

    This way if we import the same documentation file multiple times we won't get
    duplicate elements into the XML files.
    jonpryor authored
  16. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Don't generate //AssemblyCulture if it's neutral.

    This prevents a file format change for most use cases, and reduces file size
    diffs when updating assemblies.
    jonpryor authored
  17. Jonathan Pryor

    [mdoc-update] Generate //AssemblyPublicKey && //AssemblyCulture in in…

    This is so that `mdoc update-ecma-xml` can use this information when
    generating the /Library/Types/Type elements, as //AssemblyPublicKey and
    //AssemblyCulture are currently missing from `mdoc update-ecma-xml` output.
    jonpryor authored
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