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tag: MONO_1_0

Jun 29, 2004

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'MONO_1_0'.

    svn path=/tags/MONO_1_0/mono/; revision=30523
    nobody authored
  2. * man/gacutil.1: Update man with new command line options.

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30522
    Jackson Harper authored
  3. Miguel de Icaza


    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30521
  4. Miguel de Icaza


    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30517
  5. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    2004-06-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    	* ControlCollection.cs: when clearing the control collection, tell the
    	owners about the removal. Fixes bug #60800.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30508
    gonzalop authored
  6. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    2004-06-29 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    	* Page.cs: don't nullify _context after processing the request as there
    	are events not triggered yet. Fixes bug #60726.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30507
    gonzalop authored
  7. Raja R Harinath

    (GAC_ROOT_DIR): Renamed from GAC_DIR.

    (GAC_DIR): New define that doesn't include $(DESTDIR).
    (install-data-local,uninstall-local): Use them.  Use in-tree mono
    runtime, not the installed one.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30506
    harinath authored
  8. 2004-06-29 Martin Baulig <>

    	* mono-debug.c (mono_debug_add_method): Protect the whole function
    	in mono_debugger_lock(), not just parts of it.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30505
    Martin Baulig authored
  9. Raja R Harinath

    (gmcs_exe): New. Set only if not W32.

    (monotwo_DATA): Use it.
    From Atsushi Enomoto.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30503
    harinath authored
  10. Raja R Harinath

    Use $(RESGEN) instead of $(INTERNAL_RESGEN).

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30501
    harinath authored

Jun 28, 2004

  1. Paolo Molaro

    Mon Jun 28 18:05:09 CEST 2004 Paolo Molaro <>

    	* mini.c: reinstated mono_compile_get_interface_var()
    	on x86, too, since the change breaks the Gtk# build there as well.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30479
    illupus authored
  2. Gonzalo Paniagua Javier

    2004-06-28 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    	* Socket.cs: connect on non-blocking sockets returns EINPROGRESS. Fixes
    	bug #60811.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30478
    gonzalop authored
  3. Add some new benchmarks. They will be added to the makefile after the…

    … freeze
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30477
    Ben Maurer authored
  4. Miguel de Icaza

    Fix for NetBSD from Marc Recht

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30476
  5. Zoltan Varga

    2004-06-29 Zoltan Varga <>

    	* mono-sha1.c: Use gint32 for 32 types. Fixes random memory corruption
    	in SHA1Transform on 64 bit systems.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30474
    vargaz authored
  6. Atsushi Eno

    2004-06-28 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* VBCodeCompiler.cs : (only for windows) First check mono.bat, then
    	  check mono.exe. It enables xsp working with mono windows installer.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30473
    atsushieno authored
  7. Atsushi Eno

    2004-06-28 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* CSharpCodeCompiler.cs : (only for windows) First check mcs.bat, then
    	  check mcs.exe. It enables xsp working with mono windows installer.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30472
    atsushieno authored
  8. Atsushi Eno

    2004-06-27 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* XmlDocument.cs:
    	  Close XmlReader only when it is created. This fixes bug #60809.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30471
    atsushieno authored

Jun 27, 2004

  1. Atsushi Eno

    2004-06-27 Atsushi Enomoto <>

    	* XmlDataInferenceLoader.cs : It was not always filling relation
    	  child table information correctly. This fixes bug #60742.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30467
    atsushieno authored
  2. * Report.cs: Fix quiet.

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30461
    Jackson Harper authored
  3. * ILParser.jay: vtable fixups use the int32 or int64 keyword, not

    	actual int values. When adding modules for pinvoke info use the
    	ExternTable so we dont get duplicate modules.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30460
    Jackson Harper authored
  4. * TypeDef.cs: Preserve the order of fields in a class. Then after

    	all the fields have been defined reset the order in PEAPI to the
    	correct order. This is done so sequential layouts actually
    	work. The order needs to be reset because it can be lost during
    	the recursive definition phase.
    	* MethodDef.cs: Use and ExternModule for pinvoke data's module
    	refs. This way we don't get duplicate module refs.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30459
    Jackson Harper authored
  5. * PEAPI.cs: Add a method to set the fields list. This is needed so

    	that sequentially laid out fields are laid out in the right
    	order. When building custom attribute tables actually emit the
    	custom attribute data. When writing the .sdata section make sure
    	to pad to its size. The constants itself will not make up the
    	entire section because it is aligned on 512 byte blocks.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30458
    Jackson Harper authored

Jun 26, 2004

  1. 2004-06-26 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    	* crypto: Updated status for Release Candidate 1.
    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30447
    Sebastien Pouliot authored

Jun 25, 2004

  1. updates from grammar changes

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30436
    César Natarén authored
  2. back to M.J namespace

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30435
    César Natarén authored
  3. changelog entries

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30434
    César Natarén authored
  4. * Globals.cs, ASTList.cs: Back to the useful namespace (M.J).

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30433
    César Natarén authored
  5. * ASTList.cs: added Size property.CVS: ------------------------------…

    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30432
    César Natarén authored
  6. * ArrayLiteral.cs: added internal size field as an ArrayLiteral can have

            elisions we keep track of the "real" size here. Added constructor. Added initial
            Resolve and Emit code.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30431
    César Natarén authored
  7. * Literal.cs: fixed the negative numbers code generation (we must

            optimize this). Added initial ObjectLiteral's class, code generation and
            Resolve process. Added class ObjectLiteralItem and PropertyName.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30430
    César Natarén authored
  8. * jscript-lexer-parser.g: added ast building for object_literal, it's…

    … disabled for now while I fix the block Vs object_literal nodeterminism problem on the parser. Added rule for array_literal. Build PropertyName ast build.
    svn path=/trunk/mcs/; revision=30429
    César Natarén authored
  9. Fix date

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30428
    Duncan Mak authored
  10. Fix version number in CVS, fix already on the live server

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30427
    Duncan Mak authored
  11. Add RC info

    svn path=/trunk/mono/; revision=30425
    Duncan Mak authored
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