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Commits on Nov 30, 2006
  1. @gonzalop

    2006-11-30 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

    gonzalop committed
    	* HttpRequest.cs: physical path comes from GetFilePathTranslated to
    	avoid trimming in HttpRequest.MapPath.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=68777
Commits on Oct 5, 2006
  1. * Pull in changes from HEAD: r61761

    Wade Berrier committed
           2006-10-05 Neale Ferguson <>
           * atomic.h: More tinkering with InterlockedExchange/InterlockedCompareExchange
           for s390/s390x.
           * Pull in changes from HEAD: r63578
           2006-08-10  Zoltan Varga  <>
           * mono-compiler.h: Fix TLS definitions so libmono can be loaded dynamically as a
           module. Fixes #78767.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=66310
  2. + * TempFileCollection.cs: Bring in changes from HEAD for serialization

    Wade Berrier committed
    +       security fix:
    +       * r57836: Implement explicitly some interface methods to get rid of
    +       the "!" errors on CorCompare.
    +       * r60253: Make sure generated file names are unique. Fixes bug #76125
    +       and #78230.
    +       * r65441: Create files in a temporary subdirectory, for security reasons.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=66303
Commits on Sep 28, 2006
  1. 2006-09-27 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* RSAManaged.cs: Ensure that the results of Encrypt and Decrypt will
    	always be the same length as the key. If smaller then we left pad the
    	result with 0x00 (same integer, correct length for everyone). Fix bug
    	#79502 where an LDAP/SSL server didn't like the missing byte.
    2006-09-05  Sebastien Pouliot  <>
    	* RSAManaged.cs: Backport NRE fix from mscorlib.dll.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=66085
Commits on Sep 11, 2006
  1. @illupus

    Mon Sep 11 13:18:55 CEST 2006 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus committed
    	* mini.c: on Linux, check for /proc to be mounted
    	(bug# 79351, novell bug#201204).
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=65224
Commits on Aug 28, 2006
  1. @illupus

    Mon Aug 28 12:01:04 CEST 2006 Paolo Molaro <>

    illupus committed
    	* allchblk.c: fixed arguments to vararg call (novell bug#199872).
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=64466
Commits on Jul 19, 2006
  1. * scripts/ Remove support for only scanning fil…

    Wade Berrier committed
    …es in the gac.
    The problem is that mono apps are often broken up into subpackages, and deps can only
    be resolved if the assemblies are in the gac, even when they sometimes shouldn't be.
    (Merged r62759 from trunk)
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62760
Commits on Jul 17, 2006
  1. @dickp

    2006-07-17 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * processes.c (CreateProcess): Don't change directory unless a new
            one has been specified.  Fixes bug 78751.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62677
Commits on Jul 10, 2006
  1. @vargaz

    2006-07-10 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz committed
    	* inssel-x86.brg: Remove an incorrect vtype rule. Fixes #78776.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62393
Commits on Jul 6, 2006
  1. @dickp

    2006-07-06 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * io.c (_wapi_stat_to_file_attributes): Do a better job at
            figuring out the file attributes
            (_wapi_set_last_path_error_from_errno): New helper function to
            turn errno into w32 error codes that handles the differences
            between file and directory errors
            (file_setendoffile): Try turning off the extra write used to
            extend files, because we probably don't need it on any modern
            platform.  If it is needed though, we also need to lseek the file
            position back again
            (CreateFile): Treat character-special devices as a console handle,
            because they can't be seeked
            (CopyFile): If fail_if_exists is set, then the destination needs
            to be opened with O_EXCL
            (CopyFile): If fail_if_exists is not set and the destination
            already exists, then we should set the ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS error
            even though we return success
            (stdhandle_create): STD_INPUT_HANDLES cannot be written to
            (GetStdHandle): Rework without using mono_once, so console handles
            can be properly closed and reopened.
            (mono_io_scandir): Only override errno with EACCES when the
            directory actually exists
            (FindFirstFile): Set ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when no files are
            (FindClose): Cope with NULL handles
            (CreateDirectory): When the target already exists, just return an
            error.  It's the caller's job to figure out what to do.
            (SetCurrentDirectory): Cope with a NULL path
            (RemoveDirectory, GetFileAttributes, GetFileAttributesEx,
            SetFileAttributes, FindFirstFile, DeleteFile, MoveFile, CopyFile,
            CreateFile): Set path error correctly
            * handles.c (CloseHandle): Kludge to try and cope with passing a
            NULL handle
            * error.h: Add NO_ERROR as an alternative to ERROR_SUCCESS
            * uglify.h: Added some more typedefs
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62323
  2. @dickp

    2006-07-06 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * Directory.cs: When creating a directory treat ERROR_FILE_EXISTS
            (ie a file already exists with that name) the same as
            ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS (ie a directory already exists with that
            name.)  Keeps bug 50753 fixed when I fix the io-layer
            CreateDirectory() behaviour.
    2006-07-06  Dick Porter  <>
            * DirectoryTest.cs: Test creating a directory when a file or
            directory already exists with the requested name.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=62319
Commits on Jul 5, 2006
  1. @dickp

    2006-07-05 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * io.c (GetFileAttributes, GetFileAttributesEx): Cope with
            dangling symlinks.  Fixes bug 78664.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62270
Commits on Jul 2, 2006
  1. @vargaz

    2006-07-02 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz committed
    	* Microsoft.VisualBasic_test.dll.sources: Remove tests as well, since the 
    	sources were removed. Add a dummy file since the file can't be empty.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=62190
Commits on Jul 1, 2006
  1. 2006-07-01 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* AsymmetricSignatureDeformatter.cs: Set the hash algorithm name from
    	the hash instance. Fix for bug #78744 by Diego Mesa Tabares. Under 2.0
    	the ctor is protected.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=62173
Commits on Jun 27, 2006
  1. @dickp

    2006-06-23 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * handles.c (handle_cleanup): 
            * threads.c: Clean up threads properly when we're forcibly
            removing the handle entries from the shared file in
            handle_cleanup().  Fixes bug 78241, for real this time.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62082
  2. @radical

    * get.c (get_assemblyref): Escape name.

    radical committed
    (get_moduleref): Likewise.
    (get_module): Likewise.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=62073
Commits on Jun 22, 2006
  1. @vargaz

    2006-06-22 Zoltan Varga <>

    vargaz committed
    	* mini.c (GET_CONTEXT): Fix solaris/x86 exception handling.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61932
Commits on Jun 20, 2006
  1. @jbevain

    2006-06-20 Jb Evain <>

    jbevain committed
    	* Math.cs: implement Math.Truncate.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61885
  2. @jbevain

    2006-06-20 Jb Evain <>

    jbevain committed
    	* fix max length of start_handler instruction.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61877
  3. 2006-06-20 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* PKCS12.cs: Consider String.Empty as a null password (e.g. don't
    	throw an IndexOutOfRangeException). Fix part of bug #77342.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61873
Commits on Jun 16, 2006
  1. 2006-06-15 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* CryptoTools.cs: Fix offset in block processor. This fix the HMAC
    	algorithms when large buffer where used (with multiple calls to
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61799
  2. 2006-06-15 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* CryptoTools.cs: Fix offset in block processor. This fix the HMAC
    	algorithms when large buffer where used (with multiple calls to
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61798
  3. 2006-06-15 Sebastien Pouliot <>

    Sebastien Pouliot committed
    	* HashAlgorithm.cs: Changed the order of BlockCopy + HashCore to
    	HashCore + BlockCopy. Fx 2.0 now allows using a null output buffer
    	(without exception) while previous 1.x versions crashed the runtime
    	(mono won't crash the runtime, so we always do like 2.0).
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61797
Commits on Jun 15, 2006
  1. @migueldeicaza

    Backport of s390 code from trunk revisions:

    migueldeicaza committed
    57902-e  57911-e  57914  58042  58087  61602  61603
    It includes two additional patches from Neale for the interlocked 
    compare and exchange routines.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61783
  2. @gonzalop


    gonzalop committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61779
  3. @gonzalop

    backport from head

    gonzalop committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61775
Commits on Jun 14, 2006
  1. @dickp

    2006-06-14 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * processes.c: Don't run the atexit handlers when bailing out
            of a fork/exec.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61706
  2. @dickp

    2006-06-14 Dick Porter <>

    dickp committed
            * wait.c: Fix stupid typo shown up by gcc 4.1.1, = not ==
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61704
Commits on Jun 8, 2006
  1. @vargaz

    Merge from HEAD.

    vargaz committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61582
  2. @radical

    * PEAPI.cs (PEFile.GetNextSectStart): Handle the case when (tide %

    radical committed
    SectionAlignment) == 0 . Patch by Carlo Kok. Fixes bug #78182.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61556
  3. @radical

    In ilasm/tests:

    radical committed
    	* New. Test for method with no body.
    	* Make the class abstract.
    In ilasm/codegen:
    	* TypeDef.cs (TypeDef.IsAbstract): New.
    	* MethodDef.cs (MethodDef.WriteCode): Parent type must also be abstract
    	for an abstract method. Abstract methods cannot have a body.
    	Report errors for body with different implementation attributes like
    	native/runtime/unmanaged etc.
    	If the method has no body, then emit a 'ret'.
    	* TypeDef.cs (TypeDef.AddFieldDef):
    	(TypeDef.Define): Use Report.Warning instead of Console.Error.WriteLine
    	(TypeDef.AddMethodDef): Likewise. Also, use methoddef.Location .
    	* ExternTable.cs (ExternTable.GetTypeRef): Likewise.
    	* MethodDef.cs (MethodDef.StartLocation): New.
    In ilasm:
    	* Report.cs (Report.FilePath): New, static property.
    	(Report.Error): Remove overload with file_path param.
    	(Report.Warning): New.
    	* Driver.cs (DriverMain.Run): Set Report.FilePath .
    	(DriverMain.ProcessFile): Update use of Report.Error .
    In ilasm/errors:
    	* Make the class abstract.
    	* New.
    In ilasm/parser:
    	* ILParser.jay : Update to use Report.Warning instead of
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61553
Commits on Jun 7, 2006
  1. @migueldeicaza

    Backport the change trunk/r59420 to delete files before copying over …

    migueldeicaza committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61538
Commits on Jun 6, 2006
  1. @migueldeicaza

    2006-06-06 Miguel de Icaza <>

    migueldeicaza committed
    	* UnixRegistryApi.cs: Do not crash if there are no values stored.
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mcs/; revision=61490
Commits on Jun 2, 2006
  1. @radical

    * get.c (dis_stringify_method_signature_full): Fix two memory leaks.

    radical committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61404
  2. @radical

    * main.c (dis_method_list): Print only the method name in "{ // end

    radical committed
    svn path=/branches/mono-1-1-13/mono/; revision=61401
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