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Your Own Url Shortner Without any fancy server side processing and support for custom url , which can even be hosted on GitHub Pages
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Your Own URL Shortener which can even be hosted on GitHub/GitLab Pages or any Static Site Hosting Service. No Need of any Costly Server

PRs Welcome first-timers-only

>Working Demo<

Current Version : 2.0

🎯 Goal Of This Project

Implementing a Simple URL Shortner which can be used without need of any hardcore server side processing and can be hosted on Static Site Hostings such as GitHub/Gitlab Pages

💻 Technologies Used

  • Client Side :

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
  • Server Side:

    1. Database :


  • Themes

⚠ Warning

Please Don't Use FossUrl to shorten any sensitive Information , important files or any other sensitive things which can create privacy issues for an individual or a company or an organisation.

Licence : MIT

Logo License : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

If You Like My Work Consider These

Donate on BuyMeACoffee

Sponsor :


With help of BrowserStack we test our compatability on every platforms.

Change Log:

> v2.0 :

  • New Design
  • Speed Improved
  • Removed Bootstrap and JQuery
  • Rewritten in ES6 and transpiled using Babel for supporting old browsers

> v2.0 alpha:

  • Added custom url support
  • Changed background to gradient
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