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Extracts a plist that’s been embedded in the __TEXT __info_plist section
Objective-C C
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BVPlistExtractor exports BVExtractPlist(), a function that extracts a plist that has been embedded in the __TEXT __info_plist section of a binary file. It's known to support i386 Mach-O binaries, x86_64 Mach-O binaries, and fat/universal binaries containing at least one of i386 Mach-O and x86_64 Mach-O.


Copy BVPlistExtractor.{h,m} into your project. Then:

#import "BVPlistExtractor.h"

NSError *error = nil;
id plist = BVExtractPlist(url, &error);
if (plist) {
    if ([plist isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]]) {
        NSDictionary *plistDict = plist;
else NSLog(@"Error whilst extracting plist: %@", error);

(at the moment error reporting is experimental)


BVPlistExtractor is released under the MIT licence.

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