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* record sound
* add predefined profiles/presets that export(encode) to video suitable for:
* youtube/google video
* ipod/iphone
* very small flash videos for websites
* multi-head support? only if ffmpeg could record multiple screens into one video
* should I add an option that allows user to pass options directly to ffmpeg? \
if I do, will I have to use eval? -- eval is dangerous
* ditch xwininfo and merge it's functionality into xrectsel.c, so -s option supports \
click and select window, like with `scrot -s'. to do this, take a look at:
scrot -> main.c -> scrot_sel_and_grab_image ()
xwininfo -> xwininfo.c etc
* instead of calling ffmpeg directly from a shell script, is it worth it to rewrite \
ffcast in C, linking to the libraries ffmpeg brings and the X11 library.
The benefits may be a better control over the capture process:
* enable follow-cursor, it's said to be supported by xvidcap and some others.
* grab keyboard and define some shortcuts that will do things like:
* move/resize capture area live
* zooming
* pause/stop capture
* switch display on the fly
* toggle selection indicator visibility
* and all shortcuts should work globally on current display
The pitfall is, this may actually bring more problems than feature, and take some effort.
* add ability to record tty. it's totally different from record X I suppose.
if this is implemented, i'd like seamless switching beween X and tty. \
that sounds tough huh.
ttyrec is a tty screencaster, see:
* xwininfo -display ${display} -- so we add an option for display
xrecsel now takes argv[1] as display, so -d option should be fine now.
* add support for multi-window recording, like with gimp
* sanity: ffmpeg will quit if geometry is out of screen
* use Corners instead of Width/Height for the sake of Border width
* area selection, like drag a rectangle, instead of click windows (xrectsel)
* option to limit capture duration