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Flamegraph generator for python's cProfile stats.

Flamegraphs allow to visualize relations between functions in a very compact and understandable manner.

Flameprof solves main problems of built-in cProfile reporting and can replace gprof2dot because later outputs very huge graphs with a lot of noise.

Flameprof works with profile stat files obtained by Profile.dump_stats() call or via direct script profiling:

python -m cProfile -o


Via pip:

pip install flameprof

Or you can invoke directly:

python > output.svg

Native svg (--format=svg)

Native svg features:

  • compact function names with full names in a tooltip
  • precise timings (cumulative and total)
  • call counts (in a tooltip on hover)
  • green bars show stack frames where flameprof starts to guess timing ratios
  • inverted flamegraph to show total time of all calls

Graph width, row height, font size and threshold can be set via appropriate cli options.

flameprof > requests.svg

Requests profile

Inverted flamegraph:

Requests profile

(Images are clickable)

Svg generated with (--format=log)

Also flameprof can output trace log suitable as input for

You can treat "samples" as microseconds by default (see --log-mult option).

flameprof --format=log | flamegraph > requests-flamegraph.svg

Requests profile with

(Image is clickable)