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Snaked v0.5 status

Here is some brief highlights for v0.5 development progress.

Changes from v0.4 (implemented already)

  • Snaked was refactored with uxie. It means some important features:
    • All user interaction is divided into contexts (there is only one context in v0.4 -- editor) which defines current set of allowed actions and its shortcuts.
    • Possible actions can be discovered with a menu. There is no need to remember all keys anymore.
    • Flexible shortcut mapping: many keys to one action, one key to multiple actions, keybindings for popup menus and for dynamic actions (for example one can assign shortcut to external tool!).
    • Shortcut conflict resolution.
    • Feedback messages stack.
  • Multiple windows (each with own editor set).
  • Multiple editor views for one buffer (yes, editor tab can be detached or moved between windows).
  • Search within multiple projects in quick open.
  • Editor contexts can be nested, defined globally, for session and for project.
  • Changed external tools config format, now it is a plain python file with a simple eDSL. External tools also can be configured globally and for session.
  • Python plugin:
    • Dropped rope support in favor of supplement.
    • Py3 support.
    • Py3 support in test runner.
    • Python interpreter selector.

What should be done before v0.5 release

  • Snippets preferences.
  • Nested snippets configs.
  • Dynamic external tool contexts (via shell scripts and python functions).
  • Ability to spawn external tools on editor events (for example on-save).
  • Encoding editor context.
  • Encoding selector when chardet fails.
  • use_tabs context

How to install and try v0.5dev?

Install requirements:

pip install -e git://
pip install -e git://
pip-3.2 install -e git://

Last command is needed only for py3 support.


pip install -e git://

You need to know only two keys:

  • F1 to popup a root menu.
  • F2 to edit shortcuts for selected menu item (and remember, you can assign key to ANY menu item).

I'll appreciate your help in dev version testing before release.



Very light and minimalist editor inspired by Scribes. Snaked intended mostly for python developers but other Scribes users may find it useful too.

Shortly, Snaked is Scribes with blackjack & hookers.


May be found at Current docs are a some sort of outdated and match 0.4.6 version. Work in progress.


  • Light UI. There are no menu, tool bar, status bar or project browser at all. Only editor view itself.
  • gtksourceview2 based.
  • Keyboard oriented control.
  • Auto projects. In most cases you do not need such boring operation like FileNew project. Just start edit your file.
  • Project navigation via Quick Open dialog.
  • Sessions to store last opened editors.
  • Restoring last edit position.
  • Python auto complete and navigation via rope with very flexible type hinting framework. PyGtk, Django support.
  • Basic python code lint via pyflakes.
  • Snippets.
  • Unittests (with py.test as backend, so there is support for usual UnitTest cases, nose cases and py.test itself).
  • Spell check.

Current status

Current progress may be seen in @a_bobrov. Also there is blog with release announces.


  • Variables completion in Mako, Jinja, Django templates.
  • REPL


Snaked is dead baby, snaked is dead.




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