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Very light and minimalist editor inspired by Scribes. Snaked intended mostly for python developers but other Scribes users may find it useful too.

Shortly, Snaked is Scribes with blackjack and bitches.


May be found at


  • As little code base as possible. GtkSourceView gives enough features. Editor core should only implement project, shortcut, plugin, editor title and editor problems abstractions. 1000 - 3000 cloc's of python code estimated.
  • Clean and maintainable code design. Say no for Scribes signal passing hell.
  • Tabs! I'm using awesome tiling wm, so Scribes lacking of tabs is not a problem for me. But many users complain about it.
  • Speed. All development will be maid on Atom Netbook. Scribes is too slow on this hardware.
  • Memory footprint. Scribes internals is too complicated to trace all object references and editor leaks like bloody shit. Weakrefs will save the world.
  • Flexible plugin system based on standard python packaging practices.

Current status

I use Snaked for all my python development tasks. Following features are implemented:

  • Quick open on <ctrl><alt>r.
  • Goto python definition on F3.
  • Complete words on <alt>slash.
  • Pretty title for python modules.
  • Python code completion on <ctrl>space.
  • Storing last edit position for every file.
  • Python smart indent.
  • Saving quick open project history and switch between them on <alt>Up/<alt>Down.
  • Tabs. Switching on <alt>Left/<alt>Right.
  • Python outline navigator on <ctrl>o.
  • Feedback messages api. For example syntax errors on python autocomplete and so on.
  • Hash comment plugin for commenting python, ruby, etc... code. Activated on <ctrl>slash.
  • Improved smart block selection algorithm.
  • pyflakes integration (very basic now)
  • Goto line on <ctrl>l
  • Goto dir on <ctrl><alt>l
  • Session to store opened editors on application quit.
  • Search on <ctrl>f
  • Smart anything selection on <alt>w. Just try it!
  • Plugin manager to allow one enable/disable installed plugins
  • Shortcut manager
  • Preferences dialog
  • Editor preferences. Font, tabs and so on. Activated by <ctrl>p
  • Python type hints defining. One can override function parameters, return and module attributes types.

Current progress may be seen in @a_bobrov.

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