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+Very light and minimalist editor inspired by Scribes. Snaked
+intended mostly for python developers but other Scribes users
+may find it useful too.
+Shortly, Snaked is Scribes with blackjack and bitches.
+- As little code base as possible. GtkSourceView gives enough
+ features. Editor core should only implement `project`, `shortcut`,
+ `plugin`, `editor title` and `editor problems` abstractions.
+ 1000 - 3000 cloc's of python code estimated.
+- Clean and maintainable code design. Say no for Scribes signal passing hell.
+- Tabs! I'm using awesome tiling wm, so Scribes lacking of tabs is not a problem for me.
+ But many users complain about it.
+- Speed. All development will be maid on Atom Netbook. Scribes is too slow on this hardware.
+- Memory footprint. Scribes internals is too complicated to trace all object references
+ and editor leaks like bloody shit. Weakrefs will save the world.
+- Flexible plugin system based on standard python packaging practices.
+- Handling all shortcuts in native (Russian for example) keyboard layouts.

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