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Supplement is a python completion framework built from scratch with speed and flexibility top priority goals. It provides high level :doc:`API <api>` for plugin developers to allow them concentrate on editing capabilities while supplement takes all dirty work: monitor file changes, multiple interpreters/virtual environments/projects support and context resolving.


  • Zeroconf. Library tries to be smart enough to don't disturb users with silly questions.
  • Instant start. There are no any various indexes need to be build. You create project and momentously ready to code.
  • Fast. Supplement resolves only needed objects to fulfill user request.
  • Use maximum information from runtime.
  • Hooks to allow one to override supplement behavior. For example, pygtk builtin hook provides docstrings and type info based on pygtk docbook documentation and glade file content.
  • Easy way to solve simple type resolving issues through module overrides.
  • Complex static evaluator with call info collector.
  • Completion server and client to work with it. Supplement server part can be run under python2.6-3.2 and also first versions known to work with PyPy. One server instance can operate with multiple projects.
  • Monitor file changes to allow transparent work with external project edits, e.g. branch switching through vcs cli.
  • Simple API. You need to pass only source and cursor position in most cases.


PyPI packages will be ready with release. You should use following pip commands:

pip install -e git://

and for py3 branch:

pip install -e git://

Or clone repository and run manually like this:

python develop

To be up to date with git pull call only.


There is a quick :doc:`guide <guide>` and :doc:`API <api>` for IDE developers.

Integration status

Supplement is fully supported by supp snaked branch. You can try and get feel with it.


Snaked will be completely redesigned in nearest time, so stay tuned. May be it will become your most favorite editor ^_^


  • Code fixer is almost dumb now. Need to write large test suite for broken (syntactically incorrect) sources. The other way: editor must be smart enough to insert only correct code. E.g complement brackets or when user type try:<Enter> insert except clause.
  • No support for @property, @classmethod and @staticmethod.
  • Missing support of call introspection with **kwargs.
  • Missing background call info collector (will be fixed in day or two).
  • Functions in overridden modules hide original docstrings.
  • Refactorings. I'm going to implement only following ones: rename, introduce local and override/implement.
  • Realtime static check. This is the super goal of whole supplement. To give developer a feel of static language.
  • Organize imports. I'm not planing to implement it at all. This feature needs prebuilt package index and such idea is not to my liking completely. However may be I'll get older and more lazy…
  • Missing docstring/comment type hinter hook.
  • Missing method arguments type infer from base class.

This list is not full. There are plenty undiscovered bugs. I hope for your help.


  • Github issue tracker. This is a preferred way for bug reporting and communication.
  • If you have no github account you can mail to bobrov at vl dot ru.
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