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Type Trainer


This small utility allows you to grow your typing skills in soft and non-annoying manner. It tries to behave closely to proprietary VerseQ application -- adaptive typing tutor which dynamically changes exercises to help trainee to learn hard places thoroughly.


The most easy way via pypi:

pip install typetrainer


easy_install typetrainer

Or you can install from sources:

python setup.py build
sudo python setup.py install

Or run directly from sources without any install:


Also you need pygtk to be installed.


Simply run:


After start you can click right mouse button at keyboard to activate popup menu. It contains:

  • Tutor generator selector.
  • Keyboard selector.
  • Recent files list.
  • Open file dialog item.

Tutor generator needs utf-8 encoded file to make exercises for you. You should provide it via command line or activating Open dialog.

Personally I prefer to run type trainer with fortunes.


  • Python tutor.
  • Statistic plots.
  • Advanced Russian tutor.