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Simple http rest tool for vim
Python Vim script
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Awesome http REST tool for vim

Templates in action: templates


  • Intuitive syntax mimics HTTP protocol
  • Templates to capture state
  • Response and connection times in status line
  • Automatic json request body detector
  • Automatic json/xml response formatter
  • Separate buffers for response body, response headers and request
  • DRY
  • Support for HTTP basic auth
  • Support for ssl client certificates


vial-http is pathogen friendly and only requires vial to be installed:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone
git clone

or for Plug:

Plug 'baverman/vial'
Plug 'baverman/vial-http'

Note: vim should be compiled with python or python3 support.


You need following options in your vimrc:

set hidden
filetype plugin on

hidden must be set because Vial-Http uses non-file temporary offscreen buffers with response content and without hidden they will be empty.

filetype plugin on needed for default keymap working.


  • <leader><cr> executes request line under the cursor
  • <c-k>/<c-j> cycle throw response/request/response headers windows


  • :VialHttp executes request line under the cursor
  • :VialHttpBasicAuth [username] makes Authorization header


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