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A foodie web app that allows the user to vote for their favorite restaurants and eats to help out other in their search of trending places to eat nearby.

How users interact ?

they can vote, comment on what they like about the places and also add friends and see friends profiles

what they see on the homepage?

A non user can see a list of most voted restaurants by area(and they can search this by an an input field) each restaurant will give the option to vote but it’ll redirect if the user hasn’t sing up

user stories, and a brief of what the app does.

on top (nav bar) option of sign up, log in- if log in search for places, profile, most voted, add friends

screen shot 2017-08-04 at 10 14 58 am

what they see on their profile?

edit profile in case they change location. saved places(option to add, delete, and comments on each) places they voted -ppl they have befriended

screen shot 2017-08-04 at 10 10 10 am

what info will be getting and what they can do with it?

restaurant information, most voted restaurant in their area

MVP(minimun viable product):

  • Users search nearby places
  • Vote for restaurants they like and often go
  • Receive suggestions of most voted places by location
  • See places they vote and saved places on profile

Reach Goals:

  • add friends
  • See what their friends voted and favorite places
  • send invitation to friend to checkout places
  • map with saved locations
  • smart geo-location

User stories

I always argue with my friends where to go and what to get, so we end it up going to same restaurants. -annita
I spend a lot of time deciding where to go, I check reviews, pictures and price and locations. So knowing what people like nearby where i’m at reduces the semi-crisis I feel every time I try decide where to go eat. -katerina
just because we have too many options and all seems amazing makes it so hard to decide where to go every time. With an app that can tell me what restaurant is booming can be a lifesaver -juan


  • Creating a solid back-end that references effectively to places, friends of friends and vote options
  • Implementing React with Rails
  • Testability
  • smart geolocation
  • work in accordance to the timeline
  • Global comments made from different users on each restaurant's page


React.js # Gems
  • geocode
  • bcrypt
  • Pry-byebug
  • carrerwave(upload files)
# API Yelp & google maps
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