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interface EnhancedError extends Error {
stack: any;
interface MakeStateTree {
(): StateChart;
interface StateChart {
root: RootState;
currentStates(): AnyState[];
activeStates(): AnyState[];
isActive: {
[name: string]: bool;
statesByName: {
[name: string]: AnyState;
stateFromName(name: string): AnyState;
handleError(e: Error, cb: () => void): bool;
defaultToHistory: bool;
enterFn(state: State): void;
enterFn(state: State, data: any): void;
exitFn(state: State): void;
enter(fn: StateCallback): void;
exit(fn: StateCallback): void;
safeCallback(cb: () => void): bool;
signal(name: string, cb: Function): Function;
interface StateDataCallback {
(state: State): void;
(state: State, data: any): void;
interface StateCallback {
(state: State, data?: any): void;
interface HasStateCallbacks {
enter(fn: (state: State) => void): State;
enter(fn: (state: State, data: any) => void): State;
exit(fn: StateCallback): State;
interface StateIntersection extends HasStateCallbacks {
interface AnyState extends HasStateCallbacks {
name: string;
statechart: StateChart;
childStates: State[];
defaultSubState?: State;
history?: State;
subStatesAreConcurrent: bool;
enterFns: StateDataCallback[];
exitFns: StateCallback[];
subState(name: string, nestingFn?: (State: any) => void): State;
defaultTo(state: State): State;
changeDefaultTo(state: State): State;
goTo(data?: any): State[];
activeSubState(): State;
onlyEnterThrough(...states: State[]);
allowedFrom?: State[];
setData(data: any): State;
isActive(): bool;
activeChildState(): State;
data: any;
intersect(...states: State[]): StateIntersection;
interface State extends AnyState {
parentState: State;
interface RootState extends AnyState {
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